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2013 Rescue Kerries Placed: Jessica


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Rescue Coordinator: Dianne Collins


Rescue Write-up

Jessica is an 8 year old spayed female Kerry. She had lived her whole life with an older gentleman. Her owner died and no one knew it for 3 or 4 days so Jessica was alone in the house with her owner but no one to let her out or feed her. Family members could not take her in so she was taken to a shelter. From there she was fostered for the shelter by a family for 30 days who said she was a perfect dog.....housebroken, quite, shy, a good eater, ok on a leash, took treats well, could be handled, etc. She was with a small male dog who picked on her so she stayed away from him. She was then adopted out to a family who thought they would want a little Kerry girl and said they had some terrier experience. They had her for 60 days then took her back to the shelter because they could not handle her and they made her sound like a different dog than the one she had been when she left.

A volunteer is evaluating her and we will know more soon.

In the meantime, Jessica needs a foster and a permanent home. She is sad and shy and would like some place quite to go where she can get over her loss(es) and become a real and happy Kerry again.


Jessica is in the Midwest region.

Suggested rescue donation for Jessica is $250.00.

June 25

Jessica is now in foster care. Her foster mom/dad report that she walks well on a leash but does show some interest in other dogs that are also out and walking (pulling on the leash and yelling cuss words.....stops when told that is not appropriate behavior), is housebroken, is a good eater with no guarding problems, loves car rides, gets along well with the young male Kerry she is sharing space with (she is sharing the space, he is all over her!), seems to be interested in and appropriate around children, loves men but is afraid of women. She is very shy with them and cowers when approached. She is being taught commands and shown what will be expected of her. The fosters love her and say she is a great little girl that has had some hard times.

November 16

Jessica is adopted in South Carolina.

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