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2013 Rescue Kerries Placed: Finn & Rosie


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Finn & Rosie, seniors in distress

A special rescue by the US & Canadian KBTF, with the help of the USKBTC, the KBTC of Canada, and the Philadelphia KBTC.

 Original Posting

On October 16th, 2013, Evelyn Gansfus, a friend of long-time Kerry Blue advocate, Virginia Barishek contacted the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada that Virginia was very ill and not expected to recover. The friend was worried about the fate of her two old Kerries, Finn (13) and Rosie (11). The message was passed to the Canadian Foundation who contacted the US Foundation and the hunt was on. We had no idea where the dogs were or who Virginia's family or friends were! At the beginning, we didn't even know what city they might be in! (Somewhere around Philadelphia). Fingers flew on phones and computers and we found Virginia's address, but no one answered the phone. The next day, the answering machine was full and we still didn't know where to look. Thanks to the Sherlock Holmes hat on Dianne Collins: she contacted the SPCA and sent an officer to check the house, plus she Googled a neighbour who was contacted to put a note on the door. (I love that part) The conclusion: the dogs were not in the house.

Fast forward a bit: Virginia was moved to hospice care. The dogs were safely in the care of their vet whom they knew well; however, they had diarrhea and were extremely stressed. They were in the best care possible. We had some time to find a foster home. More flying fingers.

The USKBTC and Philadelphia KBT Club are on the case, too. How are we going to find foster care, never mind an adoptive home for two elderly Kerries. Finn was known to be a sweetheart but Rosie is dog aggressive. Both had come from rescues some years ago but past lives are ingrained in rescue dogs - we really didn't know much about them. Fast forward another few days: An amazing adopter comes forward from Toronto!!!! A giant heart of a woman, Nancy Silveira lost her Kerry to old age and is willing to take on BOTH dogs. Now the problem comes up that we have no ownership of the dogs and Virginia has lapsed into a coma. Who can release the dogs to us? How are we going to get the two dogs from Pennsylvania to Ontario in one piece without traumatizing them even more? More flying fingers and hoarse voices.

(Interjection reminder: The number of people involved in this "project" is unbelievable. Suffice to recognize the 5 organizations: The KBT Foundation in America, the USKBTC, the Philadelphia KBT Club, the KBT Club of Canada, and the KBT Foundation of Canada. Add friends and family of Virginia and Kerry friends on the internet.)

On Sunday, November 3rd, Virginia passed away. I hope she knew that Finn and Rosie were going to be fine.

Sandy & Larry Conklin with the Kerries packed in.
We decided that Finn & Rosie would travel better by car. Air transport maybe faster, but they had never been in a plane and it may be more traumatic than driving with caring people. The word went out that we needed drivers. Priscilla Harvey agreed to pick up the dogs from the vet and start the trek north. Larry and Sandy Conklin took them from Scranton to Syracuse. Longtime Kerry helper, Brian Gibson drove down from Burlington ON to Syracuse to bring them back over the border. Louise Lang and George Moad brought them from Burlington to Toronto. Whew, long day. Finn and Rosie arrived in great shape. (No diarrhea).
Rosie, Finn and Priscilla Harvey

The USKBTC and US Foundation split the cost of the vet. The donation of time and support from so many people is priceless.

Thank you to everyone: especial mention to those already in this story and the following: Sharon Arkoff, Tuesday & George Hanna, Gene Possidento, Gerry Yeager, Evelyn'sson-in-law, Jennifer Van Camp, Agatha Hughes, Mary Pat Ezzo, Pricilla Harvey, Janet Joers, Judith Bruno, Barbara Pyfer and other relatives we didn't get to meet.

Nancy Silveira, Finn & Rosie (below), are settling into a new life together - we all wish them the very best! May Virginia Barishek rest in peace.


Please consider making a donation to Kerry Blue rescue in her honour and buy an angel for Finn and Rosie.

November 22, 2013

A message from Mimi Wight sheds some light in the first rescue of Finn during the winter of 2000-2001. The KBTF was not incorporated until February 2002. But preparations were going on long before then. Rescue teams were being formed all over the country and cooperation with the USKBTC rescue was good.

I had never met Rosie but Finn holds a very special place in my heart. He was my first pet store rescue and it was particularly harrowing. It took well over a month to get him and his brother, Charley, out of the pet store here in NH. The pet store owners kept moving them around between different stores that they owned to avoid our team of "watchers". Poor little Finn was so sick they would hide him from the customers. In one store I finally found him in lying a little crate stowed in a dark corner behind the payment counter. So it was a race against time. As we later discovered, Finn was ravaged with Giardia, Sarcoptic mange and almost certainly a fat cocktail of other unidentified ailments. As I remember, it took months and many levels of vets to rid him of the Giardia. Virginia was vigilant in her efforts to get him well. Of course, she fell in love with him, joined the "failed foster club", and adopted him. He had many wonderful years with her. You guys saved the day, and most importantly saved dear Finn and "sister", Rosie.

I love the picture of them in their nifty little coats with their new mom! Also love that this happened as a collaboration of both Foundation and US Club Rescue.

Thank you, thank you for being there. Job well done.



November 23, 2013

Another message from Mimi Wight gives more detail about the early life of Finn.

I remember there was snow on the ground when I drove Finn down to Hartford, Ct. to hook up with Virginia for her to take him back to Philly to foster him. Handing that poor, sick little creature over to Virginia was gut wrenching. When Virginia held him up to me to say "goodbye", he reached his paw out and laid it on my shoulder. His eyes were so sad..."you're abandoning me too?" is what they spoke. I couldn't get back on the highway for half an hour. Thankfully, Virginia gave him many happy years.

I did name Finn and Charley (his brother). Virginia later gave him the "full" name of "Finnegan's Over the Rainbow", I think it was .[...]



November 19, 2014

A message from Louise Lang

On November 5th dear Finn (age 13) joined his prior owner, Virginia
Barishek, in heaven. Like Virginia, he had cancer.

Nancy Silvera would like to thank all the wonderful Kerry people who
arranged the rehoming logistics & the many caring people who transported
Finn & Virginia's other KBT, Rosie, to Toronto from Philadelphia almost a
year ago. If it wasn't for these volunteers, who knows what would have
become of the pair.

Nancy gave both Kerries a happy and safe home with plenty of walks, tummy
rubs, warm coats, a comfy bed, good food and love. After the chaos of being
cooped up with a terminally ill owner, and then boarded at their vet's for
several weeks, Finn really enjoyed his walks, even after he had stopped
eating - how he loved to stretch his legs and sniff his world. Nancy's
solicitous care gave Finn a longer and enriched life.

Senior dogs have plenty to offer, no matter how little time they may have
left. It is wonderful that people like Nancy give them another chance at
happiness. Thank you, Nancy.

January 2, 2015

A message from Linda Grisley, President KBTF of Canada

Sad news over the holidays, Kerry lovers.

Remember Finn & Rosie, Virginia Barishek's two older Kerries that we were so happy to rescue when Virginia died (see story on web site) – well, Rosie has now passed away on December 29th, 2014 of tumours in her liver and urethra. Finn passed away just a few months ago, as well. At least we can know that they lived well in their final year in a wonderful home in Toronto, Ontario with Nancy Silveira. What a blessing that Nancy came forward to take both of them so that they may stay together in old age and comfort.

Thank you Nancy!
Linda Grisley
Rescue Director, Canada

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