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2013 Rescue Kerries Placed: Billy


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Billy! 9-Year old male in SoCal

Rescue Coordinator: Julia Schutz

Rescue Write-up

Here's Billy! 9 y/o neutered male, vaccs UTD, microchipped. Many thanks to Suzanne Stull who pulled him from an LA County Shelter today! She said he's a happy guy and you can see by his "jail" picture, his waggler is going 100 mph! He'll be vetted soon and have his teeth cleaned. Billy is a bit thin but his foster mom will be working on fattening him up a bit. More info to follow as we learn more about this handsome guy.

Suggested rescue donation for Billy is $250.00.

June 5, 2013

June 10, 2013

Nine year old Billy, our recent rescue Kerry is still looking for a foster home and, even better yet, someone who wants to foster to adopt. He has a mystery background. We know he was in a shelter when he was a year old, probably adopted out and then picked up as a stray just recently. No names were available to find out any more. From all reports, he is a most delightful dog. He loves being with people and will complain just a little, when crated or put outside alone. He walks well on leash, is active and curious, is probably house broken. He sounds like a typical Kerry. Billy seems to be a most happy sort and can almost go airborne with his wagging tail. He is up to date on shots, has a microchip, has been to the vet for a checkup and results from blood and stool work will be available on June 10. He is scheduled for a tooth cleaning and will have a bath and expert grooming next week compliments of our Angel Suzanne Stull. Please get in touch with me (Julie Schutz Juliespin@AOL.COM) if you can foster this delightful dog. He really needs to be placed.

June 19, 2013

Billy is still looking for a home and I have an update from his foster mom. He sounds as close to perfect as a Kerry can get. He certainly does not act like a nine year old dog. He has a sparkly personality and is very people oriented. It sounds like he will be a Velcro dog with his new people. He loves attention and wiggles and wags. She called him happy and bouncy. Billy loves to investigate the yard. He is very patient when bathed or groomed, is good on a leash and is very civilized. He doesn't have any issues with food or toy guarding. He hasn't met any kids yet but he will soon. She isn't a bit worried about how he will react, so she will introduce him to her 6 yr. old niece. When she first got him, he would bark a little bit when he was left alone, but after settling in, he is quiet in the house now. Not knowing Billy's background, he must have been civilized at some point but there are hints of neglect. He doesn't seem to know what to do with toys so maybe he never had any. He certainly has the energy to learn to play with them if someone would only show him. Billy needs a forever home soon so he can be a truly happy Kerry. Please contact me if you can be that person.

Julie Schutz

June 29, 2013

Billy is still looking for a home. He has settled into his foster home and is doing very well. As you can see he is learning what toys are all about and loves his Wubba. He is house broken, walks well on leash, loves people and loves to cuddle. He is getting along with the Foster's other dog and she says that he will make some lucky person a GREAT dog. We are running out of time before we are going to have to bounce him into a new place because the Foster can't keep him much longer. I really hope we find his forever home very soon as poor Billy has been bounced about enough and he needs someone to love.

July 19, 2013

Billy is definitely a happy guy! I'm seeing a wee bit of separation anxiety but think that might be part of being in yet another new place. He doesn't know even the basic commands so we're working on the usual...come, sit, stay, leave it, off, outside, go potty... Sit is getting better so think once it "clicks" with him, the rest will come rather quickly. I have a hanging screen in the patio doorway and he's gotten used to that so will go outside and come in as he wishes. He's as sweet as he can be and is getting along with the other males in my household. He's very attentive and follows me's rather like a parade around here!

Barbara Kam
Olympia, WA

July 19, 2013

Billy after grooming


August 1, 2013

Billy adopted.

August 8, 2013

From: Cynthia
Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2013 5:19 PM
Subject: Billy Boy


Well Billy boy is adjusting well and loves playing with Tejas and Scruffy. The girls came over today and played dress up and had to take photos with the dogs. They were just adorable. Everyone falls in love with Billy boy and think he is so sweet. Now they all want a Kerry Blue. It is pretty funny. I thought you would enjoy seeing how happy the dogs are.


September 17, 2013

From: Cynthia Burden Hackney
Subject Billy's Video
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 20:29:44 -050
We think Billy boy must have escaped from the circus! He loves spinning in circles, rolling over for treats, and playing with the large exercise ball. He can entertain himself chasing the ball in the entry or around the back yard. He is quite the love sponge. We really are enjoying him and he is adjusting well.

He sees the groomer for his first trim. We bathe him every week and brush him daily. He hates getting his fur brushed. Billy boy follows me everywhere and is a great watch dog. He and Tejas play we'll together.




Cynthia Hackney



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