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2013 Rescue Kerries Placed: Bailey


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Rescue Coordinator: Diane Collins

Rescue Write-up

Bailey is an owner turn in. His elderly family is not able to keep him and the concerned family members who called us could not take in 3 dogs. Yes! Bailey had his own friends at home. He lived with a female Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a male Wire Haired Fox Terrier. I understand it was a peaceful household.

Bailey is 8 years old. He will turn 9 in July. Our wonderful Kerry volunteer was able to do a hands on evaluation and says he is a charmer that has a nice temperament, is energetic, playful, loves to play with toys and balls and is very serious in that he wants to know what is going on around him…..serious enough to make sure he gets his share of the pats and scratches being passed around.

Bailey stubbed his toe last year and his vet thought it should be removed. The spot on his toe was cancerous and the vet wanted to make sure he stayed healthy. Bailey did not miss the toe and gets around just like it was still there. His same vet gave him a complete senior check on Friday and declared him the picture of health! Well, Kerry health…he has a few bumpy Kerry cysts that will be removed. Bailey is a smallish Kerry at 28 lbs. but I feel sure he will be putting on weight as he gets individual attention in foster care. He has been shaved down because he was a little “messy” as his owner could not get him to a groomer. I, for one, am delighted to be able to see his clear shiny eyes and be able to see that slate color of coat. He will be quite handsome when his coat and fall come in.

Bailey has obviously lived with other dogs but we would not recommend a home with smaller dogs, cats or other small creatures because he has not been evaluated with them. We also do not know about children so we would not send Bailey to a home that had children under 12.

Bailey would like an owner who is home to spend time with him because he has not had as much love and attention as he would have liked in the last couple of years. A fenced yard is a must as Bailey has equal amounts of energy and curiosity.

Bailey is fostered in the Midwest.

April 12, 2013

Ok, so here is the foster's opinion on Bailey after having him in her home for a few weeks:

He's perfect! Well, she did mention a few things...if he is in his yard and sees dogs in another yard, he barks. He barks if someone comes to the door but ceases when asked to "mind his manners". He also has inherited the "Kerry selective hearing gene" and cannot be let off leash as even a promise of a large juicy steak does not get his attention. Imagine it that!

Other than those very Kerry traits, the foster mom reports that he is totally housetrained, walks well on a leash, is very active (said she would have guessed 5 years old), loves people and affection, learns routines very fast and that anyone who adopted him would be very happy with him. He is also a "talker" directing how fast and in what shape his food is served. It is also said that he is a "gentleman" and the most adaptable dog she has ever seen. Nothing fazes him. Oh and yes, someone asked, he was neutered in puppyhood.

Bailey has been thoroughly vetted, deemed in perfect health, his sebaceous cysts have been removed and he is ready to go.

Folks, this sounds like one of those "soul mate" Kerries that comes along every now and then. He was not given up because he was old, unhealthy, aggressive, could not get along with other dogs or any other problems. He simply lost his owners and his home.



June 29, 2013



Bailey has finished his journey on the way to his forever home. He has been adopted by a fabulous Kerry family in Chicago.



October 14 , 2013



We rescued Mr Bailey last June- come to find out, he really rescued me ! Missing my Kerry, Rosie girl, as we lost her to lymphoma last spring- brutal experience...

Bailey basically fell into my lap- I was reading your newsletter and knew I had to have him stay with us....I contacted Dianne Collins- a beautiful soul who described Bailey's situation- I knew I had to see him and so we set up a meeting with his foster angel, Lynn- it was love at first sight! His tail never stopping wagging and he kissed us throughout our entire visit- he was in need of some TLC- Lynn loved Bailey enough to give him to us- although she's already visited with him at our house! Bailey is delightful! He is a sweet natured boy but he clearly has baggage- very anxious when we leave- doesn't like loud voices and is skiddish around men- my boys love him - he has filled our home with the sweet love of a Kerry.

Dianne was awesome- we both decided that Bailey was meant to be with us. Thanks also to his foster mom, Lynn. Also thanks to John, and everyone who works at the foundation, for all the hard work you do for our beloved Kerries

I hope Kerry lovers reach out and rescue the available Kerries - it is so rewarding and they give so much back in return


JoAnn and the rest of the McCann family





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