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2012 Rescue Kerries Placed: Laddie


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Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Rescue Write-Up

The pictures say a thousand words about Laddie, a 5-yo neutered purebred kerry in the northeast.

Laddie is described by his very loving owners as the perfect companion dog in a hundred ways. He is funny, playful, affectionate, loyal, loves long walks with his mom, and car rides, and going roller-blading with his dad, and loves meeting new people, though he can be alittle enthusiastic about the greeting process if not guided in how to behave like a civilized kerry. Like many kerries, he is better with some guidance about how to answer the doorbell without overwhelming the person coming in. Once reminded of the rules, he will sit next to guests and beg for attention). He has never shown any food-aggression or resource guarding.

Unfortunately, the only issue with Laddie is that he is dog-aggressive, and is in need of a new home after an altercation with another dog in his apartment complex. Laddie's dog-aggression can be managed quite easily by a terrier-savvy owner who understands Laddie's triggers and how to de-escalate them, but unfortunately Laddie's parents aren't able to keep him.

Laddie is such a funny boy, so full of personality (as you can see from his brief video, below, and his pictures), and will be a wonderful New Year's present for the right family. Laddie would do best in a home where someone is at home during the day (he's used to a work-at-home parent whom he can follow from room to room, in good kerry style), and where he will get plenty of exercise and attention, and guidance so that he can feel secure. A home with terrier experience and preferably experience with a dog-aggressive kerry would be especially desirable for Laddie.

April 12, 2012

Laddie has been placed.


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