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2012 Rescue Kerries Placed: Casey


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Casey deserves better!

Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Fostered in the Midwest

Meet Casey, a 7-yo male kerry who, due to family circumstances, has been kept in the garage/laundry room for the past couple of years, but his family has now made the decision to give him a better life. Casey is a very smart, very loving, healthy, purebred kerry and naturally is quite a character! He desperately loves to be with his people, and loves belly rubs, and is a talker (he will mutter and mumble when ordered to lie down instead of barking out the window, for instance).

Casey has never been allowed to interact with other dogs, so will need to be evaluated for social skills. He did once escape his leash and charged another dog on the street; however when the other dog ran toward Casey, Casey turned and ran back to his owner. The other dog was, I am ashamed to say, one of the miniature breeds. Oh well. Casey is still a hero in our eyes. He is afraid of thunderstorms and many loud noises. He knows basic obedience commands, and he knows what you're saying even if it's not an obedience command, according to his owner.

Casey would love to be part of a family with school-age children (Casey is alittle exuberant when greeting children, and can be overwhelming for the preschool set), who would take him for hikes and walks and give him a fully socialized, adventurous life where he could be a full-time member of an active family. Because he has spent so much time alone, Casey will likely need a refresher class in obedience, to bond with his new people, and is likely to need alittle help with socialization with other dogs and with nuisance barking (you can't blame the guy). Also, because he has been isolated for so long, he will need a family who can be understanding of where he's coming from, give him reassurance through kind but consistent guidance, and make up for all that he has been missing.

Casey before his haircut:



July 30, 2012 Update

From: Casey's Foster Mom
Subject: Casey update
Date: July 30, 2012 6:50:21 AM PDT

We've had a nice weekend around here, thank you. I did take Casey out for a leash walk today and he walked relatively well on leash (a little pulling and crossing back & forth) but we didn't see any other dogs out so still unsure of any reactivity on leash. I will try again tomorrow evening. You asked in your other email about more information about the cats. When he sees them he starts barking and does this little hop/circle thing. If the cat runs off, he will try to chase them (I say try because with so many dogs in my house all the time, I have cat-safe zones- made possible by lots of baby gates!- and my cats are quite good at getting to these if they feel uncomfortable) He will stand and bark at the gate until I get his attention and call him away. I don't think he would hurt them, and he could probably learn to remain calm in their presence, but it would take some work, and a lot of patience (on the part of the owner and the cat(s)!) ;-)

As you can see in the attached photos, Casey is a huge snuggler! He loves to hop up on the couch (hope that's ok!) and lay and just be pet. I think it's been a long time since he's had the chance to snuggle and you can tell he craves the attention. He is equally affectionate toward me and my father.

He's kind of a goofball with toys, loves to run around with them and throw them around but still has no interest in playing with the other dogs. He doesn't seem afraid of them at all, just not interested in interacting. I'm thinking that he may just not know how at this point. He does tend to watch the other dogs as they play, perhaps learning what it means to play? (My Greyhound did this when I first got her, it took her a few weeks of going to daycare and watching the other dogs play before she broke out and started playing herself.)
He's looking very stylish in his new collar and leash (his collar was very ratty & old, so I picked him up a new set today :-)

Hope this information is helpful for you and helps Casey find his new forever family :-)

August 20, 2012 Update

Casey was adopted by a minister in Colorado.

April13, 2015 Update

Casey, now a senior, was returned to the Foundation because of life changes of the adopter.  You can continue to follow Casey as a 2015 Rescue Kerry. 


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