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2012 Rescue Kerries Placed: Bailey


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Rescue Coordinator: Agatha Hughes

Rescue Write-up

Bailey has been with the same family since puppyhood. She loves adults, and when with her person or people, she is affectionate, playful, eager to please, and generally a bright, funny, healthy, darling of a dog. She gets carsick, but loves going hiking and going to the beach, and she is an amazing soccer player (she has her own ball that she bats and pushes around the yard).

She does have some things going on that require a special owner, however. Bailey, in her present home, is a "nervous Nellie." Her family loves her, but not having had any training, she can get anxious if she doesn't know her role. She hasn't been properly socialized to other dogs and, in her fear, will charge them aggressively (though she's never bitten another dog) and then will try to be dominant over them, which is of course highly ungracious. If slowly introduced to another dog in the yard, she calms, but still tries to physically dominate the other dog.

The main reason for her rehoming, however, is that she is very afraid of children (under the age of 10; that seems to be her cut-off), and her family has several young children plus other children are constantly in and out of the house. In an adult-only home, with enough attention and exercise, and kind but consistent guidance, Bailey should absolutely blossom. I believe this girl probably just wants to be able to feel safe and know what is expected of her. She just needs a chance to figure out her place in the world, and it needs to be in an adults-only house or a house with older children (i.e., teenagers).

Perhaps you or someone you know might be the person to change Bailey's life and let her relax and live life with all the joie de vivre and happy games that a kerry deserves.

I warn you, though, don't look at her head shot if you don't think you're interested, because she is very pretty, and it will be too hard to get her little face off your mind.

August 12, 2012

Bailey (now known as Kailee) is doing well. She's funny, well behaved, playful, responds to basic commands, and has adapted to her new surroundings beyond our expectations. Actually, it seems as though she's always been here.

She adores Mike and is happy to go have a cigar with him in the evenings on the screened porch (he has the cigar, not Kailee). And, all is well with her world when she knows where everyone is in the house. If one of us leaves, she runs to the window and watches the car pull out of the driveway until it's out of sight. She guards us while we shower, follows us around the house, and is a constant companion to one or both of us depending on the circumstances. She hates it if we are working in the yard or garage and howls until corrected by a verbal "no", but it is hard not to laugh since it sounds so pathetic.

She has a whole bedtime routine she has to go thru before settling down for the night. First, she lies at the foot of the bed and than crawls up between us, shakes hands, puts her head down on Mike's arm for a minute, then stands, retreats to the foot of the bed again, circles a few times, and is down for the count. Night after night after night we go thru the same routine. So, every night we go to sleep chuckling about our new bedtime ritual.

All in all, we are so happy to have Kailee and as typical with a kerry, she makes us laugh everyday about something. They are such clowns and we love that kerry smile. Thanks again for all your help in making this re-homing happen.

Kailee -- making sure that her Dad is returning from excursion to mailbox



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