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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Murphy


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Rescue Coordinator: Linda Grisley

Adoption Information

Murphy, a 3-1/2 year old male Kerry Blue with a beautiful silver colour coat, was purchased from a pet store in Ontario by his original family. He was surrendered to the Foundation when he became too much to handle for a family with small children. He's a standard sized male and weighs about 32 pounds. He's been living in a foster home for the past six months and has been assessed over that time by his foster parent.

Murphy is a very intelligent and dominant male dog. He would be excellent for an owner who wants a dog for agility, or other sporting event as this would really satisfy his intellectual and exercise needs. If agility is not your thing then perhaps you would be interested in teaching him tricks - this is a smart dog who is willing to learn new things. In fact, if you don't teach him something he will just figure it out on his own, so mental stimulation is important.

Murphy, because he is so intelligent, will challenge his owner. He is currently learning that there are behaviours that are not acceptable and he's been working with a behaviour specialist to learn that growling and lunging is not tolerated. This behaviour may have come about because he felt he had to protect himself from a heavy handed owner - this Kerry cannot be placed in a home where any sort of violence is exhibited by the owner as this is likely the reason that he currently lashes out. An experienced Kerry owner, or experienced dog owner is required to teach him better coping skills. "Nothing in Life is Free" is a good way to work with Murphy.

Murphy is an insecure dog with some fears and phobias. He will follow you around and you will likely always find him underfoot. He is not a big fan of car rides and exhibits his nervousness by drooling. He's not very comfortable in dog parks although he's learned to tolerate them and they're no longer a stressor for him. He's not dog aggressive but doesn't socialize with dogs he doesn't know..

If you consider adopting this boy, you will need to know about some of his "quirks" so that he is successful in all that he does. If you focus on creating a safe place for this dog he will be your best friend for life. Murphy needs some one-on-one time with his owner and needs to be praised for all of the good things, and funny things, that he does.

The good: very intelligent, mischievious, healthy, easy to train, attentive to his owners
The bad: very intelligent, mischievious, resource guards over good treats (marrow bones, bully sticks, etc), insecure, aggressive at times

If you adopt this boy you will be offered the assistance of a behaviour specialist to come to your home and give you some foundations to work with Murphy (for free if you're in the Vancouver area). Murphy is microchipped, neutered, up to date on shots.

It is recommended that he be adopted by active people. Older children are acceptable. It is recommended that he have a fully fenced yard and someone who is home during the day to give him the attention he needs and deserves. Obedience classes will be necessary for Murphy.

Update November 1, 2011

Murphy is adopted by John & Sally Ehle


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