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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Morley


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Rescue Coordinator: George Hanna 


Morley Currently being Fostered in Savannah Ga.

This 9-year old male full-blooded Kerry:


  • Limited Ingredient Diet
  • Don't recommend around full-time Toddler
  • Loves to be beside you all the time
  • Well mannered; love to go for walk on Lead and will stay right with you off-lead
  • He great in car rides and seems to sit back and enjoy the view
  • Morley is great with all other dogs including intact male and Alpha Males
  • Morley will sleep with you or in a crate beside you
  • Morley Came from a great home and with one toddler in the house and one on the way it was hard for the owners to let him go but because of his handicap it is hard for him to stay away from the Toddler With Morley you get a book with his full medical history, and the support of the original owner.

    August 15, 2011

    Morley has found his forever home up near Boston. With the Help of Sharon Arkoff, KBTF Rescue Director, and the KBTF rescue team, he will be traveling to Boston for his new home and should be a great match with both parties being retired. We will miss him in savannah.

    July 18, 2012

    Adopted and proudly owned by Rhoda Bergman in MA.

    Morley is the sweetest guy on the planet !

    September 25, 2014

    Message from Peggy Turner:

    Morley was adopted 3 years ago by a good friend of mine, Rhoda Bergman, who lived near us.

    In late June of this year, Rhoda was diagnosed with cancer, and could no longer care for Morley, who she positively adored. At that time, Morley came to live with us, joining our 3 kerries (one a rescue boy from the Foundation, Mulligan) and our rescue bearded collie. Everyone was very accepting of Morley. He truly had to be one of the gentlest EVER Kerry Blue Terriers, and was a pleasure to live with and love.

    Eventually Rhoda went in to hospice and Morley and I visited her there every day. He quickly became a favorite among other patients and the staff with his gentle ways. It made me smile to think this dog, that people were reluctant to adopt at 9 because of his being deaf and an older dog, could make so many people smile.

    On 9/11 Rhoda passed away. A week later, we lost Morley to cancer. I sincerely hope that they are together.
    I will always miss them both

    Peggy Turner

    PS: To anyone thinking of adopting an older Kerry, they truly are treasures. Every day with them is a gift. Morley simply stole my heart. I am sure there are others out there just as sweet and just as deserving.


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