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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Midwest Lucy


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Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Fostered in Ohio

Adoption Info

She is 3.5 years old and up to date on vet work, spayed, and continues on heartworm pills. She is heavy-bodied, 43 pounds and 21" at the shoulder. She has straight legs, proper tail, OK coat, and ears were never set.

Lucy is a fabulous house pet, a loud sentry, fetches toys wonderfully and loves to cuddle and fall asleep on your lap. She is perfectly house broken, crate trained and travels well in the car. Coming from a single-pet household, she now lavishes the companioship of a neutered male KBT. Cats most likely won't work here. Commands known are "come", go-get-it, sit, down", and she waits at the open front door without bolting. She is pretty good on a leash as well.

She needs work on not chasing shadows, being quiet on command, digging and snapping when being groomed or when you snag a tangle. As mentioned before, she apparantly was never groomed.

November 2011

Lucy was placed, but has been returned to the KBTF. She is now in foster care in Ohio.

December 2011

Lucy has been placed (again).

January 2012

What a sweet, funny, loving girl she has turned out to be. It has been six weeks since we picked her up. She had her last accident in the house four weeks ago, and three weeks ago, she "clicked." (Just after we returned home from West Virginia where we spent Christmas with my family.) It was about that time that she figured out where she fit in our family dynamic. Each week, she grows more comfortable now that she knows where she belongs, and it's been fun to watch her blossom. She's a good girl. She tries really hard to please. It bothers her when she fails, and she relaxes when she knows she's been good. She has learned not to bark at our noisy, rude neighbors, she has learned where her place on the bed is, and how to let us know when she needs to go out. She has also trained us to play tug o' war with her (she cheats) and to make sure she gets her portion of scrambled eggs and potatoes on the weekends. She refuses to eat until we put "sprinkles" on her food (she doesn't like her current food, but will eat it if we sprinkle about a teaspoon of a small breed food sample pack on it.) I'll set her food down, and she just looks at me. She'll walk away if I don't put the sprinkles on it. She gets all wiggly-happy when we talk to her, and even though we thought Grady was opinionated, she is more so. (Her moans and sighs are loud enough to interrupt conversations.) She wags her tail in her sleep.

I groomed her last weekend and did an awful job. This weekend I got to use my new clippers (Pet Edge had an AMAZING sale!) and she looks much better. She only gave a couple of minor snaps when I was working on her ears. (Hubby was holding her head.) She got reprimanded, and looked sorry. I'm guessing she'll do better next time. Like I said, she's eager to please.

Ellen Waltman


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