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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Levi


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Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Good things come in small packages

Gosh, this one is cute. Meet Levi, a sparkly, snuggly 3-year old neutered kerry boy who is in need of a new home because his owners don't feel they can provide the care for him that they would like. Levi is a velcro dog, reportedly wonderful with children, and loves adventures like going for car rides and even to the groomer! When he sees the groomer, he stands up on his hind legs and hops the last few yards with delight. His family reports that he is the funniest dog they have ever known, with a whole range of expressions and attitudes conveyed in his furry little face. Levi is house-trained and has nice manners except when.... ahem.... selective hearing kicks in when he sees another dog, and will pull on the leash. His current family hasn't felt that they had the skills to allow him much contact with other dogs, but when he has.... what's the word? oh yes, escaped (a certain dog once broke away and wriggled under a fence to go play with other dogs at a dog park), he played appropriately and had an absolute blast. When left in a daycare environment, he did wonderfully though there was an incident of not sharing the water bowl (sigh. Must the good-looking ones always be arrogant? :-) ) Some of this posturing may be a good old Napolean complex, as Levi is small in stature, though full-sized in personality. Levi weighs about 25 lbs. Levi was born in an Amish mill, and to this day is not quite comfortable around men with beards. He had severe separation anxiety at the time of his adoption at 4 months old, but this improved greatly once he was in a home, though he still licks his paws when alone (he is crated when his family leaves the house). Also, Levi has early cataract disease, and has a cataract in one eye; it would be wonderful if Levi could find a home that had the resources to cover cataract surgery for this young boy. Levi is otherwise very healthy, and has always been kept up to date with good veterinary care, including both holistic and mainstream approaches. All shots are up to date.

The best home for Levi would be one with a large securely fenced yard, where someone was home most of the time to help him avoid his separation anxiety, and where there was terrier experience, as Levi might need some training to learn to meet and greet other dogs nicely when on leash. Definitely Levi needs more exercise than he has been able to get in his present home. And, though Levi is a happy boy, his new home should be one where there is compassion for some possible/probable initial separation anxiety, and should be a home where a velcro dog is welcomed, not seen as "needy" or "demanding."

Levi is in the Midwest, but could travel for the right home.

The Foundation would like to raise some of the funds necessary for Levi's cataract surgery --- it would be nice to see a dog of Levi's age and zest for life enjoying full use of both those sparkling brown eyes.

July 11, 2011

Levi was adopted.


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