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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Koda


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Koda, 5-year old male in the Midwest

Adoption Write-up

Now, here is a a story that has "TV movie" written all over it. Meet Koda, a purebred 5-yo neutered male, rescued when his former owner demanded euthanasia for poor Koda, who escaped the rope he'd been tied out on for an unknown number of days or weeks or months, and then when he came back, his owner went to hit him and Koda "may have growled." No duh. I'd have done alot worse.

In any case, Koda's vet could not put this boy down, and contacted the Foundation's rescue program. Koda is now being boarded (in a near-futile attempt by his rescuer to not fall in love with him), and is doing wonderfully. After a bath and a bit of a trim to care for his very neglected eyes and ears (pretty much cleared up now), he is a sweet, eager to please boy, who has had some training -- albeit some of it is the bad kind or training, such as he seems to expect to be punished for things like a human accidentally backing into him. When unsure, Koda may cower a bit, but with reassurance in the form of a happy upbeat voice, his tail starts wagging madly, and all is well. Koda seeks and returns affection (he is a kisser), walks nicely on a leash, and has passed the older children test (was fine), the cat test (he more or less ignored kitty), and the other-dogs-weaving-in-and-out-around-him test. He is becoming a bright, happy, boy now that he is away from the punishment and isolation of his former home. And he is very smart! When his rescuer came to visit him at the kennel, Koda remembered exactly who she was and was all ready to hop in the car for another fun car ride.

Though Koda is doing his best to impress in the kennel environment, it would be nice to see him go to an experienced home, where he can continue to be 're-parented" with clear, consistent training. In his first few days in the kennel, Koda did lunge at another dog, and again he may have some errant history with his former owner. So while we have seen no recurrences of poor behavior, Koda should go to an active, terrier-savvy home where the owners could manage any incorrect behavior appropriately, and where the owners have compassion for Koda's negligent past. Koda lived with children in his former home with no reported problems. Perhaps because he got so little loving attention from his former owners, Koda can be ... ahem.... a bit of a whiner (okay, so, maybe he's the King of Whining) if crated, though he does settle down. Koda's new people should be tolerant of alittle whining for the first week or two. We've all probably heard much worse whining from Congress this month! :-) Also, Koda would be safest with a securely fenced-in yard, since he does have a history of escaping (not that anyone could blame him).

August 16, 2011

Koda has been adopted by the Lansbergs, in New Mexico, a long-time kerry family.

September 16, 2011

Now that Koda has had his first grooming in New Mexico, we can send you pictures of this beautiful, loving Kerry Blue.

He has no more diarrhea and has had his share of seeing our local veterinarian.

His first week he got his ears cleaned out again and a couple of warts taken off. His nails were clipped and his teeth were cleaned. At 34 pounds, he is a little underweight, but with food twice a day we are hoping for a few more pounds. He was also microchipped and started on a monthly Heartguard.

The second week Koda was here he got a "raging" unitary tract infection plus an infected right front paw which was cleaned out and was put on Amoxicillion tabs and twice daily cleaning of peroxide and Anaimex. He is eating hills of Canine C/D for a couple of weeks to calm the unitary infection down, with Surolan medication for sore ears.

Koda loves to ride in the car and gofer walks with his friends, Indigo, our female Kerry. He snuggles up to us and needs lots of attention, which he gets whenever he wants it. At night he cuddles up in bed then goes down to his soft blankie on the floor. Right now he is our precious boy!

Thank you, Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

The Landsberg's, New Mexico

October 16, 2011

Here are latest pictures of KODA, Minn. rescue. He has gained 4 1/2 lbs. in 7 weeks and is a very happy boy here in New Mexico.

Cheryl Landsberg, New Mexico

January 1, 2012

[...] We have moved recently because Albuquerque was just getting toooooo cold and expensive. We sold our home much faster than we thought so moved in three weeks to a better climate.

Koda doesn't like strange men. He is a sweet dog otherwise, cuddling up to us and licking Barry's ice cream dish (vanilla only) at night.

Koda also hates delivery trucks and jumped out of our SUV once and ran after the UPS barking at them. It scared me as I thought he would get run over, but caught up with him as he was barking at the driver and his helper, and everything ended OK.

He gets along with Indigo and we are babysitting my brother's Schnauzer and they all get along.

I walk them all three together (Koda and Frodo on "easy leaders") as Koda wants to wander over to every bush.

Cheryl Landsberg

August 24, 2012

Here is the lastest picture of Koda, our rescue boy from Minnesota. He has been with us a year now and reached his 6th birthday with us. He has been a wonderful companion and joy to our family. Even our KB female tolerates him! He still has a few minor issues with some men and does not like loud delivery trucks but that has calmed down this past year. We love him and he loves us back by snuggling against us and being the very smart boy he is. He loves his squeekie toys and plays with them by pushing them and chasing them. No lizzard is safe in our yard and he has had snake avoidance class to keep him safe here in the Arizona desert.

Thank you Kerry Blue Foundation.

We are so glad that Vet in Minnesota did not euthanize him like his previous owners wanted to do.

The Landsbergs

August 11, 2015

Just lost our rescue Koda after only 4 years of having this wonderful, loving boy. He got very ill during the heavy pollen season here in AZ and progressively got sicker. After many trips to the vet, the bloodwork showed cancer cells. We let him go with much agonizing in June. He is here at our home with our other male Ballymoon Kerry in a beautiful Pueblo pot and his favorite toy,a hedge hog (of course). We still have our sweet Everglo girl, Indigo who is going to be 13 this year. She would love to have a little(older)boy to boss around. After having two Kerry males we agree that they are the most loving. Females are when they "want to".

Cheryl Landsberg in Arizona


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