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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Kira


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Adoption Write-up

Here's a little sparkler looking for a new home. Meet Kira, a bright, healthy, 3.5 -yo purebred, spayed female with an undocked tail. Kira is a former Foundation mill rescue, and while she has had a wonderful few years with her very loving and caring first home, she finds herself in need of another home now. Kira is affectionate (a lick machine), loves other dogs (from behind her fence she'll bark and posture, like any self-respecting kerry, but when allowed to meet and greet, she loves to play and has her good friends in the neighborhood), loves having company over and being around her people, is fully housebroken, and walks nicely on a leash.

Now, is she perfect? Well.... Kira does not like car rides, and may get carsick. Once that's done, though, the rest of the car ride is uneventful; it's just the initial worry over humans' driving skills that upsets her ladylike sensibilities. Also, Kira should not go to a home with young children, because her maternal instincts are alittle overdeveloped and she has been known to try to protect her prechool-aged human sister from other little friends and from grandparents. The best home for Kira would be one where someone was home during the day, as she's used to her dad working from home and follows him from room to room, and one with teenage or older children or an adult-only home. She would love lots of exercise and playtime, and like all kerries would flourish in a home where her people could give her continued positive training to help her know the rules and feel comfy.

December 20, 2011 Update

From: Agatha Hughes
Subject: Rescue Kerry Kira
Date: December 20, 2011 4:32:39 AM PST

Kira has been adopted and is fitting in wonderfully in her new home in NJ.

January 29, 2012 Update

From: Agatha Hughes <>
Subject: Kerry Update Kira
Date: January 29, 2012 8:45:25 AM PST

Former Missouri Girl, now a Jersey Shore Girl.....

Learning the ropes from new big "brother" Connor

Santa Kerries being read to by "Nona."

September 8, 2012

Kira died this morning. It was a combination of cancer and a rare auto-immune disease, "Sterile Nodular Panniculitis".

She was six.



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