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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Karly


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Fostered in Northern California

Rescue Coordinator: Christine Calloway

Rescue Write-up

Here's an update on Karly, our California girl who is looking for a nice home where she is the only princess puppy in the castle. Karly is a darling purebred kerry, 7 years young, very affectionate, and boasting a soft silky coat (if she's going to be in your lap, she might as well bring Great Hair to the bargaining table). Karly loves all people all the time. She is missing one eye, due to a fight with her "sister," but does just fine and is not at all skittish on her blind side. She loves quiet moments with her people, she loves big parties with people coming and going (and she does NOT try to escape out the front door even when guests give her the opportunity), she loves children, she loves physical play and wrestling with her current "dad," and she loves chasing lizards in her yard, though she isn't good at catching them. She likes to play with the beam of a flashlight shone against a wall or the floor. Karly does not chew things in the house, and she is perfectly happy to conk out on her bed (or yours) at night and sleep quietly. Karly's current owners say she is absolutely trustworthy around children. "I don't think you could make Karly bite a person if you tried," says her present owner. In fact, Karly is frequently called upon to be the model for non-anesthesia teeth-cleaning at the local vet's. Karly will lie quietly with her head in someone's lap, and allow her teeth to be cleaned without comment.

Karly is a strong girl, despite her marshmallow side with people, and needs someone who can hold on to her leash should she see something intriguing. And, she needs a refresher in not jumping on people to greet them. Karly also needs someone who can manage her dog aggression; while Karly has gotten along with other dogs much of her life (and with cats during a temporary living situation, allowing them to rub against her, walk under her belly, etc.) she has become extremely aggressive with her housemate, and the two are now enraged beyond reason at the sight of each other and cannot be reconciled. The fights are every terrier owner's nightmare, and Karly's owners feel that the situation is more than they can handle; hence Karly's need for a new home.

Karly is accustomed to a situation where she can use a doggie door to go investigate a securely fenced yard – she does better being allowed to go out to investigate passing dogs, horses, etc. (and she investigates with a bark that could cause the next California earthquake) than if shut indoors without access to a yard. Given access to the yard, she runs out to explore the scene, then comes back in and goes back to sleep. Karly also sometimes goes to work with her owners, and behaves exquisitely.

Karly does have her eccentricities; she is even more of a "person in a dog's body" than most kerries – which is saying a lot! She is afraid of loud sneezing (she will go run under a bed). She is not crazy about traveling, but settles down after 20 minutes or so. And, her hatred of her current housemate is of an intensity and level that is certainly one for the books. However, in her favor are her lovely manners with people, her beauty and charm, and the fact that she has been able to get along with other dogs in the past. I'm sure that Karly would not have chosen to have her little personality quirks, and no doubt she would have liked to be one of those mainstream, ordinary kerries who never have to wrestle with being anxious about big changes in life or with feeling angry at other dogs. I'm sure she would like to be able, just once, to catch one of the lizards she is chasing! However, life does not always hand out the easy route, and it is not Karly's fault that she was born with a temperament that makes her bond superlatively with people, but be alittle outside the norm when it comes to her own species.

The right home for Karly would be one where she was the only dog in the home, had plenty of companionship to satisfy her need for affection and attention, where there was a doggie door to a securely fenced yard, and where her owners could compassionately but effectively manage her dog aggression when it did erupt.

December 2011

Karly has been adopted in Southern California.

June 2012

Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 06:01:29 -0700
Subject: Update on Karly
From: Crystal Edwards

Karly just celebrated her 8th birthday so I thought I'd send an update on her. Attached are a few pictures of her.

We've had Karly for almost 8 months and she has adjusted well. Her favorite thing to do is lounge around on one of her beds, but she enjoys playing with her new bunny stuffed animal and loves to go on short walks. She is a smart doggy and is good with Sit, Shake, Lie down, Stand up, Stay, Wait, go-get-it, Heel, Come, and is working on a few other commands.

She is the sweetest dog around people, is very well behaved with guests, and has visited the nursing home I work at a couple times. She is still aggressive towards other dogs but it is improving and is primarily due to fear of bigger dogs. She has learned to stay calmer when other dogs bark in the neighborhood and doesn't seem to mind little dogs. She has some troubles with her hind knees which keep her from going on long walks, but it seems to be well managed. We love to see her happy wiggle and tail wag and can't imagine our home without her.

Crystal Edwards


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