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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Harley


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Lonely Harley in Kansas: L-L-L-Love Machine...Fostered in Kansas

Rescue Coordinator: Mimi Karsh

Meet Harley, a 5-year old spayed, purebred female kerry who needs a home where she can get more attention and exercise. She is loving, playful, smart, healthy, microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations, and has had some obedience training. Harley is in need of a new home because she is a bit needy and insecure, and her current family has some changes going on and can't give her the exercise and attention she so desperately craves. When isolated from the family activities, Harley will whine, bark, cry, and "carry on." She also needs a refresher in how to greet guests appropriately -- she is a jumper -- and in how to greet other dogs; without training, she gets overexcited and barks, spins, growls, and, again, "carries on," in her current owners' words. If allowed to greet another dog, she is delighted and appropriate, after her initial poor manners.

Harley is extremely loving with people, and lives with preschool-age children. She is especially fascinated (too much so for her current family) with children and babies --- while she will lie down on command near a baby, for instance, she will gradually inch closer and closer and closer until she is within range, and then will commence sniffing and licking the baby very thoroughly, head to toe. Though Harley has never been bred, her maternal instincts extend to pre-school and school-age children, and her owner reports that Harley is obsessed with the desire to make sure no human child leaves the house, or exists in the house, without clean ears -- Harley is very thorough in her cleaning of the children!

Harley loves it when guests come over, and will sit on their feet begging for attention. She is nervous when first meeting men, and will bark, growl, and back away, but if the man comes down to her level, sitting on the floor or kneeling, Harley cannot help herself and soon comes over, wiggling and wagging. If not allowed to mingle with guests, Harley will, again, bark, cry, and spin in her crate. Harley will stay in her crate if the door is left open, but hates it. Harley loves learning tricks, and has been taught to roll over, and to "whisper" -- which is a miraculous accomplishment for a breed as talkative as ours.

As you can see, Harley is a pretty girl, despite a short "puppy mill" tail. For Harley, we are looking for an active home, with owners who will provide training so that Harley can feel secure and understand that she is part of the family. Because Harley is so desperate for affection, she would do best in a home where someone was home during the day and had daily routines that included her. A home with dog-savvy children would be fine, as long as the family welcomed, rather than rejected, Harley's nanny instincts. Harley needs more exercise than she has been getting, so a home with a securely fenced yard, or other means of regular exercise such as going on long walks, hiking, or running with an owner or, once she's had a little more training and socialization, going to the dog park, would be ideal. Harley can travel for the right home.

July 12, 2011

Harley was adopted.

October 24, 2011

Here is an update on another rescue girl. She went from a home where she was seen as a "nuisance" and "in the way of our family" and was kept isolated to her present place of... well..... let's just say the accommodations sound far superior. :-)

--Sharon Arkoff
Rescue Director
J has had finals this week and I guess Harley was feeling neglected because she lay with her head on my chest on the sofa for nearly an hour. Of course, I had to work, as she was privileging me with this bestowed attention as long as I scratched her head, ears, and back. When I got tired and just wanted to snuggle with her, she duly reproached me by giving me THAT look and lifted my hand up with her nose until it rested atop her head.

She is getting on well with everyone, but still learning signals. The other night she sat barking at me, I said, "Show me." At this I usually put my hand on Bose's head and he takes me to whatever he wants. Mademoiselle Harlequin, just looked at me like I should have known what she wanted (she must have French breeding somewhere in her lineage) and barked castigating me for my ignorance. Bose, English butler breeding I presume, promptly left the room and returned with Harley's feeding dish. She followed as I filled it and placed it before her. She looked up at me with an air of superiority as if to say, "Really, you should have known," and then completely ignored me as she began to eat. Yes, I feed and my husband gets her loyalty.


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