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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Chloe


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Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Adoption Write-up

An ageless beauty, 9-yo Chloe is a sweet, sparkly little purebred kerry who is in need of fostering and a forever home because her current family, who have had her since puppyhood, can no longer accommodate her need for attention and exercise.

Chloe is a darling girl, very pretty with a silky silver coat and a black muzzle. She currently is kept shaved down, and is on the small side, but she is very much a kerry even without the haircut! Chloe is a big kisser, and loves playing with her toys. She is gentle with the family's preschool-age children, and loves visitors. In behavior, Chloe is your typical kerry puppy. She knows her obedience commands but is... ahem... rather selective in hearing them when there is a new visitor to be greeted, and when she will bark, jump up to your face to give kisses, and bring you her toys to play with. She is also a talker, and will let you know, with a wuff and a play bow, if she feels she is not getting the attention due Her Royal Highness. Chloe's mother reports that Chloe can take this to the extreme, for instance barking and peeing for attention if her mother is talking on the phone. Chloe plays nicely on the occasions that she's been to doggie daycare, and enjoyed living with a former terrier housemate, though she is now an only dog. Chloe has no opportunities for off-leash exercise in her current home or for long walks, and she does pull and strain on the leash. Chloe barks to announce, more than her family likes. When not greeting visitors or being a watchdog extraordinaire, Chloe lies down near her people and is content.

Chloe is crate-trained and house-trained,and enjoys car rides, but not being left alone in the car, which makes her anxious. Basically, Chloe wants to be with people, and she just does not do well if not getting enough attention or exercise. The ideal home for Chloe is one with a large securely fenced yard, so she can run and play, and where someone is at home to keep her company. Chloe needs a home with owners who will be patient with the occasional potty mistake or behavior, and who enjoy the kerry involvement and alertness.

Chloe is in the Northeast. If you would be interested in fostering Chloe or in giving her the attentive, active forever home she deserves, you will not lack for love from this dog.


Chloe is adopted.


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