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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Blue, now Bleu


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Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Now, here is an intelligent and handsome gentleman seeking love and companionship, due to unfortunately irreconcilable differences in his previous long-term relationship. Meet Blue, a 6-yo (almost 7) intact purebred male in need of a new home. Blue's current mom, who loves him dearly, reports that Blue is a near-perfect companion dog. He interacts well with people, children, other dogs, cats, and lives with a Kerry sister with no issues at all. Blue needs to be rehomed, however, because he brings a particularly robust enthusiasm to the important task of announcing that the doorbell has rung. When the doorbell rings, or if Blue sees someone approaching the house, Blue will leap into "singlehandedly defend the universe!" mode, and charge at his sister or a human in the room and then run to the door barking and circling. At these times, Blue demonstrates the selective hearing that so many kerries develop when they want to answer the door and you're not getting there fast enough. While Blue's mom understands this behavior and can use her "Remember, I'm the alpha" attitude to regain Blue's attention, Blue's "ferocious act" is unsettling for his owner's non-alpha 83-yo mother, who has recently moved in and is often home alone with Blue and his sister.

Blue is also extremely vigilant about squirrels on the roof of the garage, and about any potential terrorists who might be disguised as, say, children on bicycles. If a kid rides past on a bike, or a neighbor is working in their yard, Blue will bark to announce and then race back and forth to check out the scene from various windows. Blue's mom says that the fact is that Blue is a barker. All kerries are talkers, but Blue just does it with more zest and commitment than some others.

Still, Blue's owner stresses that he is WAY more good than bad. He is dear, loving, very willing to please, obedient, gets on well with other animals and welcomes them to the home, etc. With a strong handler to manage the doorbell moments and other occasional times when he gets worked up, he's a complete love.

He has never bitten anyone or anything (though it might look like that's his plan when he's upset with the doorbell). Blue would be the best Kerry on earth in an active, terrier-savvy home where there was a large fenced yard to explore and play in, perhaps with a doggie-door so he could go investigate for himself if something interesting were going on outside, and where someone was home most of the day to give him attention, exercise, and adventures. He enjoys the company of his Kerry sister, and might be delighted to have another female friend in his new home. Blue's new people should be comfortable in the alpha role while still understanding that Blue is a bright, sensitive dog and will respond best to affirmation and redirection.

Per Foundation policy, Blue will need to be neutered (sorry, Blue!).

Blue is in the upper midwest, but can travel for the right home.

The suggested adoption donation for Blue is $250. 

January 1, 2012

Message and photos from his new home:

He is really fabulous.

The 1st picture is him with his new "baby", which he seems to love.

The 2nd is Blue and my granddaughter, Macey who is 5 and very wise. She said to me today, "Noni, you picked the right dog, he is perfect". She was the one who wanted to get me a new dog for Christmas but she thought it should be a puppy because "they last longer". My other two granddaughters were here also and they love him too. We had a party last night and he fit right in as a party dog.

In the last photo, you see him on the chaise lounge, which he is allowed on and he's looking out the window and watching for people and dogs.

I've been working with him for 3 days and whenever he barks at people or things outside, I put his leash on him and have him lie down on the rug and stay for a little while. It seems to be working very well. I think he just gets stressed and the leash seems to calm him down. People are starting to ask about this breed of dog because they see how great Blue is and Sam was.

We would never change his name, although I might change the spelling to Bleu, as I love everything French and I don't think he would mind. I had planned to buy him a new bed, but I think it would be fruitless. He sleeps on the bed, he naps on my mother in law's bed and he has the chaise in the living room and otherwise, he follows us from room to room. Why bother?? He goes on 2 walks a day, loves to go in the car with us and explored the back yard by himself today for about 15 minutes. He loves pets and stroking and conversation and has gotten lots of both.

My husband took him to our vet yesterday and he has an appointment to be neutered on the 17th. He will clean his teeth at the same time.

April 21, 2015

From: Wendy Reierson

[In the beginning] we struggled through [behavior issues] and he is now doing so well. He is still a little pyscho when people come to the door, but I can get him calmed down. He is so loving with us and we now can take him to a kennel when we leave town and he loves it and the people there. He does come home a little hoarse from barking.

Just wanted you to know that it has been a success story, after all. You would never know that he just turned 11. He acts like he's 2 still.

We love him!!

Wendy Reierson



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