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2011 Rescue Kerries Placed: Bentley


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Bentley,7-year Old Male in Quebec, Canada 

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Grisley

In early June, a group of dog rescuers assisted in the cutback of over 2,000 dogs in a puppy mill in Quebec. They got 9 dogs out, including two Kerry Blues. They will go back to get more dogs as these ones are released for adoption. Representatives of the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada worked with the rescuers to vet and groom the dogs. Both had to be shaved down because they were filthy and matted.

Following is the story as told by one of the rescuers:

Hello Linda,

They are doing so well and we are very anxious to get them on their way in life. My friend is caring for all the dogs along with dogs that she takes in boarding and she is doing a wonderful job but getting tired as it is a tremendous amount of work as they knew nothing when we rescued them... they were not clean in their crates, did not know how to walk on a leash etc and we do not want to expose my friend's personal dogs and her boarders by putting them in her turn out pen!

As you know, we have since found out that the male is blind. My holistic vet felt that he did not have any sight at all. I want to talk to her directly as yesterday my husband and I went to see the dogs and took them for a walk and both of us felt that he may be able to see shadows as it appeared that he was following our hand movements. Maybe we were just hoping that he could see !!! In any event, I truly believe that with another dog as a "helper" that he could lead a somewhat normal life with someone with the patience to help him.


Both of them had eye infections, ear infections, skin issues , perhaps from parasites as some of the other dogs that we took out had sarcoptic mange, chewing lice and who knows what other critters lurking... we did de-worm them, applied Revolution and bathed and shaved them... the Kerrys were unbelievably filthy and matted ( will send photos of them before they were shaved ) I saw them yesterday and they appear to be free of any critters now. The female has a tumor on her back that should be removed when she is spayed.

Below are pictures as they came ot of the mill.



Bentley & Diva


Bentley (the male above) , paperwork says he is 7 yrs old, is somewhat shy and hesitant at first but warms up quickly. He is not great on a leash, maybe because of his sight issue or maybe he has never been trained to walk on leash.

These dogs lived in a pig barn/puppy mill with a grated floor in the dark with 2,000 other dogs !


Bentley and Diva know each other well and he uses her as his guide. He's responsive to a human on the other end of a leash, but off-leash, he will follow Diva.

Ideally, they could be adopted together. However, as told to us, Diva would probably rehome easily but Bentley should go to a home with another dog, preferably a female.

Both of them are enjoying the space outside and the human contact, so a home with a yard is ideal. Adopters should be prepared for housebreaking them and teaching them the basic good manners of a house dog. They will require obedience training once they settle in. Initial medical expenses of spay/neuter and Diva's tumour will be paid by the Foundation. Young children would not be appropriate for these dogs but older responsible children are acceptable. Both dogs are friendly and would love the companionship and love of a family of their own. These dogs are currently close to Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.


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