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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Romeo


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Romeo, an 8 year old male fostered in Washington 

Rescue Coordinator: Lynn Mathers

Because all kerry males are dark and handsome, it seems unfair to actually have given one the advantage of the name "Romeo," but, he does have the melting eyes. Romeo is an 8-yo (in a couple months) neutered male who enjoys other dogs, used to happily go to work with his humans, enjoys walks but is not a fitness fanatic, and enjoys draping himself romantically across the foot of his owners' bed at night. He is affectionate and wants to be near his family, but he is not overly needy. Unfortunately for his devastated family, Romeo suffers from great inner torment when it comes to his love for his family's children vs his terrier sense of duty and loyalty, and is stressed by the dynamic of active young children/doorbells ringing/general family chaos all at the same time. Accordingly, his family would like to see him rehomed into somewhat quieter quarters, without children and with someone who has time for some reassuring and consistent obedience training, where he can feel more secure. Romeo likes meeting other dogs and people and though he will chase cats if they run, his owners confess that he is actually, ahem, not as brave as some other romantic heroes, and may have some chicken in his DNA (apparently he is always happy to back down from a potentially challenging situation). However, we will not dwell on the inner chicken within such a solid leading man (Romeo weighs about 55 lbs). Instead, we will think of soulful dark eyes and unlimited capacity for affection, and therefore art thy Romeo. Romeo is in the northwest, but can travel for the right home.

Romeo was placed in Phoenix, AZ during December, 2010.

From: Sharon Arkoff <>
Subject: Romeo follow-up, for Website
Date: December 4, 2010 4:31:52 PM PST

Romeo's new mom writes:

WELL!!!!! Unbelievable, Romeo is sitting in my chair, acting like he has been here forever. He likes Bailey, Bailey likes him. He likes Bentley, Bentley likes him. I brought the his throw from Portland in and placed it on the ottoman and he jumped up on it and immediately into my chair. He acts like he has been here forever. In fact, he keeps head butting me to get my attention and get off the computer. I may change his name to "Velcro". Tomorrow is another day but it appears Romeo's arrival at his new home is successful. Will check in with you tomorrow, right now it is a contest on who can get the most attention. Romeo is winning so far. This is going much better than I had anticipated.

Day Two:
Romeo acts like he has lived here forever. He learned immediately the right place for his "eliminations" with the help of Bailey and Bentley. Very curious about everything but very settled into his surroundings. Very crowded in my recliner last night. I chose to sleep with the canine family and that became very interesting. Romeo assumed his position next to me (actually half on top of me) and stayed right there until 3:30 this morning. All 50+ pounds of him. After going outside, he was back in the recliner and then moved shortly thereafter to the ottoman where his animal print throw and pillowcase from Portland were very familiar to him.

There is a place for ALL animals, sometimes it is difficult to find that place. We are all fortunate to have found what appears to be the right place for Romeo. I have been so anxious (as you know) about this process. My dogs are precious to me and when I was greeted at the airport by a very frightened and confused Romeo, I quite honestly said to myself: "What the heck have I gotten myself into". With aircraft overhead and airport noise adding to the confusion, I felt I needed to get him out of there immediately. I drove home and unloaded his crate into the garage and talked to him for a minute and let him out. He was very happy to get out of the crate and he was then allowed to sniff Bailey's nose thru a partially open door for a minute and then you have received the rest of the story. I am slightly embarrassed, pleasantly relieved of anxiety and feeling kind of silly that I was worried about the worst possible scenario and shocked at how quickly the three accepted each other. Yesterday was a good day, today will be even better and each day from now on will be very good.

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