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For the love of Kerries

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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Neo


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Mister Neo, a 6 year old male

Nadia Bourassa

Quebec Rescue Coordinator
Fostered in New York

Neo came into Kerry Rescue after he was surrendered to the Montreal SPCA. Nadia Bourassa, Rescue Coordinator for Quebec, assessed him and found him to be friendly, responsive, and intelligent although somewhat out of shape. Since September, Neo has been learning what is expected of a Kerry as a member of a family in his foster home. He is becoming quite the gentleman and deserving of his new title, Mister Neo or perhaps Monsieur Neo keeping in mind his French Canadian heritage.

Mister Neo arrived not understanding anything except his name and when he heard it, his tail and whole rear end wagged feverishly. His tail still wags at the sound of “Neo” and anytime when he is happy which is most of the time. It appears that Neo had no training and was left to his own devices for the 8 to 10 hours his owners were at work each day. Today, Mister Neo has learned the basic etiquette required of a good house pet. He plays in the yard, loves his walks and is in better physical condition than when he arrived in foster care.

Neo will follow his foster mom and dad from room to room, just sitting, waiting and wanting to be near his people. He is excited to greet people but never jumps on them. Neo is reliably house trained and has never chewed anything except his own toys. Removing squeakers is his prime objective with a new toy! He has two favorite toys and entertains himself playing with them, even tossing them and running to catch them. He loves to place a toy in your lap sometimes allowing you to toss it and sometimes teasing by holding it with his front paws then taking it before you can grasp it. Like most Kerries, Neo has endless energy. He is a small Kerry, standing about 17 inches and weighing 30 pounds. To see him play, you would think he is a puppy, but Mister Neo is a gentleman of 6 years. The foster family’s veterinarian assessed Neo as being a very healthy dog. He had been previously neutered and since living in foster care a benign cyst was removed from his side and his teeth were cleaned.

When Neo was surrendered to the Montreal SPCA, it was noted that he was dog aggressive. He is living in foster care with two resident Kerries and his foster family has worked to teach him how to be a part of the pack. Neo has made great strides in getting along with the resident Kerries.

An adult home providing consistency and dedication to continued training would be best for Mister Neo. He does best in a calm predictable environment and would love to be an only dog. Of course, companionship for at least part of the day and a fenced yard would be a must for him. A daily dose of love by snuggling with his people, gentle words, and a treat or two is all Neo wants. He has spent too much of his life alone and he deserves better than that.

The sweet, loving Kerry that was always the heart and soul of Neo is now visible as a result of unconditional love and appropriate training. He has moved beyond the loneliness, inattention, and lack of training of his former life. Adopting Neo will not be a labor of love, it will be a joy because he will return your kindness with years of devotion. 

Neo was placed in March 2010.


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