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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Millie


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Millie, 5 year old female in Georgia

Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Millie was an owner-turn in at a South Carolina shelter, because the owner "had too many dogs."

Millie is petit at 22 lbs. but eating ravishly at he foster home. She is house broken, well trained to walk on a leash. She is good with other dogs, both male and female.

Millie is doing very well, a few weeks into foster care in the southeast. She continues to prove herself a darling, loving, eager to please little kerry, and once we understand alittle more about the health issues that probably caused her to end up in rescue (she had a particularly virulent fungal infection in her paws upon arrival and she was just plain too skinny), she will be a jewel of a companion.

Though on the diminutive side, Millie is all kerry and is very happy to join in the fray when her kennel-mates announce company or announce dinner, etc. She is patient and sweet for her daily medicinal treatments for her paws, and would desperately love her own person(s) with whom to be a velcro kerry indoors -- but especially in her present kennel environment, she has plenty of pent-up energy to burn off , and she would love a large securely fenced yard and an owner who will enjoy taking her for walks, to run errands, to the dog park to show off her spunky kerry moves, etc. Because Millie so desperately craves attention, she will do best in a home where someone is home most of the day, and can include her in their activities - there may be some history of separation anxiety, which could be managed by her finding the right forever home. Millie walks nicely on a leash. She is untested with cats and young children, but would probably love a pack of little kids to swarm over. Millie is going to the local veterinary teaching hospital shortly to make sure we have addressed her health issues, but potential adopters should be aware that based on her prior history, Millie may always be at risk of a return infection in her paws and may have the occasional mysterious malady. Frankly, though, we believe Millie will be very healthy given proper routine care.

For whatever reason, her former owner felt unable to be the right person for Millie, and turned her in to a shelter rather than contacting the Foundation. We are fortunate that volunteers were able to pull Millie from the shelter and move her into a caring foster environment. Accordingly, we are hoping to find a very committed new home that sees Millie's delicate constitution as an opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a kerry, rather than as a burden.

As with any kerry placed by the Foundation, professional training to make sure Millie and her new family get off on the right track will be mandatory.

Millie was adopted in September 2010.


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