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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Marley2


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Marley2, 4 year old male in New Hampshire

Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Poor Marley. World's wriggliest, licking-est, most affectionate, highest-jumping, and fastest kerry boy, but he just could not adjust to a human baby in the house, and his mom felt it was time to find him a home where he could relax and get lots of attention and exercise and playtime. We picked 4-yo Marley up at his former home in NH; he was obviously well-loved and well-cared for; aside from being an absolutely sparkly and very friendly little guy, with a gorgeous silver/black coat, he came with a file that documented all his shots, neutering, flea and tick prevention, and even two of his baby teeth, carefully saved in a baggie. (I'm hanging on to those in case his former owner ever decides she wants to have them back, after all. Re-homing Marley was not an easy decision for this family.) Marley was a model passenger on the way home, very interested in everything, but happy to curl up in the passenger seat once we reached the highway. At our house, he greeted 12-yo Seamus more or less appropriately --- there was some macho posturing that Seamus couldn't be bothered to notice, but Marley was prone to some inappropriate behavior that absolutely traumatized poor Seamus, who retired in horror to the mudroom. Marley was obviously confused about his new surroundings, but was willing to play with his toys and was entirely appropriate with school-age children. He is careful with his mouth and teeth even during exuberant play -- if I put my hand in his mouth while we were playing with a toy, he would back right away. Once I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk, and he barked an enthusiastic "YES RIGHT NOW NOW NOW NOW!" I put my hand out to say, "Give me two seconds" and Marley without thinking very gently took my hand in his mouth as if to pull me toward the door. As soon as he realized what he was doing (a fraction of a second) he let go with submissive ears and a general aspect of, "Ooh! I'm sorry! I know that's not right. I just was so excited about the walk!" He is a very cute little guy, and with such an expressive face and personality, and got to spend the night sleeping at the top of our bed, hugging a pillow.

The next morning, Marley's new dad arrived, and after a fun walk around the neighborhood to get acquainted, a very curious and excited Marley hopped into his new dad's truck and headed home. Marley is now in his new home with a 4-yo kerry sister to play with, and she is making sure he knows all her rules. Marley will get to run in a nice yard, play with lots of other dogs (who hopefully will help him learn, uh, um, appropriate methods of making friends), go on walks into town and go to the beach, and generally have a great, great new life with a new set of people who already love him bunches.

We are so grateful for the wonderful care that Marley's first home gave him, and the generosity of his new home in covering his few expenses. But, of course there are so many rescues that are more challenging in any number of ways. Marley's angels must already have been looking out for him, but if you would like to support another rescue kerry, please consider becoming a kerry rescue angel with a donation for the other kerries still looking for the right home.

Marley II is adopted.


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