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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Izzy


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Rescue Coordinator: Jo Harder 

Before Rescue

After Grooming

Great news on all counts from Izzy's foster mom, who is heartbroken at the thought of sending Izzy to a new home but who has some other obligations coming up. Izzy's foster mom reports that Izzy just keeps on showing herself to be a loving, funny, luxuriously affectionate, spunky kerry girl -- equally expert at lying in your lap or in chasing squirrels (chasing, yes. Catching... not so much). She loves chasing bees and butterflies, too. Funny girl. Izzy does not like the rain, and will hide under the bird bath to avoid getting rained on if ordered outside to potty when it's raining. Izzy is now fully housetrained, though there may be an accident in her crate if she has been alittle too stubborn about going out in the rain. Though she is protective of her crate and toys where a canine "brother" is concerned (via "the stare;" there have not been any fights or bites), an elderly Tibetan Terrier "sister" is allowed to sleep in Izzy's crate, etc. without Izzy batting an eyelash.

Like many kerries, Izzy does hate the doorbell with a passion, and insists on being the first to the door so she can yell at it, though if taken by the collar and removed from the door, she handles this with.... well, not grace, but compliance. She has told her "brother" in no uncertain terms that she must be the first to answer the door, but again, responds to her foster mom's corrections and redirection appropriately. But, as strong as her hatred of the doorbell is, that's how strong her joy in meeting new people is! Properly introduced, her little tail just goes crazy and she will sit or stand in front of a visitor gazing at them with adoring eyes, taking as much loving-on as they're willling to give. Izzy is a bit leery of dogs walking past her yard, and will bark appropriately but not incessantly. If she sees a neighbor working in their yard, she'll bark to announce and then, if greeted, the tail is off and wagging.

Izzy behaves beautifully for grooming and baths.

Izzy would do best in a home where she could be a major center of attention, and get lots of lap time and perhaps be allowed to sleep in her humans' bed. She is a healthy, active girl -- her foster mom calls her "Busy Izzy" -- so a home with active owners and a large fenced-in yard and other means of regular exercise, such as regular hikes or jogs or trips to a dog park, would be wonderful. As with any kerry, gentle, consistent obedience training will help Izzy bond with her new family and understand what is expected of her -- as well as be a way for her to get yet more attention from her people. :-) A situation where someone is home for most of the day or can take Izzy to work with them is essential, as Izzy is a tight-bonding dog and would not be happy left alone for too many hours in the day.

Izzy was adopted by her foster family in December 2010.



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