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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Harrie


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Fostered in California

Rescue Coordinator: Danielle Monroy

Harrie is an excellent companion and a “Velcro dog.” Because he craves affection, he is eager to please and follows commands willingly. He consents to having his eyes cleaned and feet wiped, and doesn’t mind being touched in sensitive areas like his tail, feet, and ears. He will jump into the car by himself and onto the grooming table with a treat or two. Harrie has never destroyed anything – he doesn’t mess with household items, like magazines or towels. If you are reading, watching TV, or working at the computer, Harrie will curl up beside you – he is a champion power-napper as well as a good watchdog.


Kate, his foster mom with Harrie.

Harrie likes being where the action is – he is eager to meet new people and dogs. He is a dream to walk (doesn’t pull!) and sits to have his harness put on. He loves to explore new places and is quiet in the car (so long as not left alone). In the yard, he comes when called and generally sticks close by. His favorite things are belly rubs and the garden hose. Harrie’s special needs…Harrie gives a lot of love, but also needs a lot of love. He is not used to being left alone and greatly dislikes it, so he will be most successful with a family that can spend much of their day with him and also help him learn to cope with spending time by himself. This will require putting work into desensitizing him to his people’s comings-and-goings and helping him learn that being left alone does not mean he has been abandoned. This means providing boundaries, being consistent in training, and having him work for praise and affection. Too much affection will make him a less confident dog and increase his anxiety when left by himself.

His previous owners said that Harrie has a history of food aggression. However, his foster family has not witnessed so much as a dirty look from him around food. Precautions have been taken when people are eating and when preparing his meals, but he allows his foster family to kneel next to him while he eats, add kibble to his bowl while he eats, put their hands in his bowl, and even play a “trade game” where his bowl is taken away in exchange for another bowl with similar food. Despite these encouraging observations, his adoption family should still be prepared to take precautions with and around food. He loves treats (more so than toys) and takes them gently from your hand.

Harrie also spooks at sudden, loud noises and jerky movements around his face (e.g., infants in strollers shaking their hands). He is not car-wise, so walkers need to be vigilant near roads and parking lots.

Harrie is celebrating his third birthday this month, and is being fostered in the San Diego area in Southern California. He is microchipped and has all of his shots.

Harrie looking out the window of his new home


Harrie was adopted a few days after he arrived in our rescue program. He is now living in San Diego, CA.


Update from his new family:

Thank you so much for allowing Harrie to become part of our lives.

He is wonderful. We introduced him to his new neighborhood and home yesterday, and this morning, we took him to Balboa Park which he loved.

He is settling in very well. Kate [his foster-mom] did a marvelous job with training. Her calm, self-assured nature was just what Harrie needed.


More pictures from his new family:


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