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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Andy


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Andy, a Pre-Holiday Rescue fostered in Oregon 

Rescue Coordinator: Danielle Monroy

This past week (November 24) the foundation rescued yet another fantastic dog. Andy was living in the Northwest and because of changing family circumstances, after 6 years he needed to be re-homed. How lucky for everything that a fantastic family had been waiting in Southern California to provide a forever home. Andy flew from Portland, Oregon to Burbank, California where I was waiting with baited breath. You see, I had never seen this dog and had no idea what we looked like. Imagine my surprise when out of the crate comes a very clean and shiny, very fluffy and exuberant Andy! Near perfect color, confirmation, and so excited he was spinning in circles! Even the Airline Counter girl took his picture he was so handsome. I drove him to our meeting spot, and handed him over to his new dad.

Here is a little update after a few days in his new environment:


"After the first night, he has settled in great. I'm pretty sure he knows he is here for good and loves being here. We've had a few friends over and Andy barked a little but warmed up right away. There were two boys 3 & 5 and he was perfect with them.  Later, my in-laws were here and he was the same way.  Andy made his rounds for attention from everybody. 

He gets very excited for his walks and has a hard time sitting to get his harness and leash on, but once its on, he's pretty good on the walks, he pulls a little, but we are working on it. He can sit and stay pretty well without distractions around, but when on his walks he can get distracted pretty easy. He hasn't been around another dog, however Lacey's brother in coming into town tomorrow and bringing his lab, so that will be Andy's first test with another dog.

He has a little dance he does when he's excited when you come home or we are playing outside, he spins in circles and jumps around. Its pretty fun and we always know when he is excited to see us or ready to play. He can fetch and bring the ball back when he wants too. He has no food or toy aggression, I can pull bones and toys out of his mouth without any problems. He does not beg for table scraps and doesn't jump on furniture. All in all, he's a pretty good boy. We are more than happy to have given him a new home. "


More photos of Andy at his new home in San Diego (12/19/10)


From Barry, the dogs new Dad, sent today, Valentine's Day, 2011:

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Andy. He is doing wonderful and seems to be very happy, considering his tail wags non stop even when he seems to be sleeping. We had his 4th obedience training class today and he is the senior member of the class, but seems to have an hand up on most of them knowing the basic commands, but its always good to reinforce them. He is also learning new things in the class as well. He is getting some socialization and has gotten a lot better around the few other puppies in the class although he still has a few outbursts, but he is learning the other dogs are there to hang out too, not attack him. We had him at a closed in baseball field this weekend, no one else was around so we let him run free and he loved it, but didn't stray too far from us and always came when called. All in all, he has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are excited as much as he is to be here. Thanks again for matching him to us, he has been the perfect dog.


Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 22:08:17 -0700
Subject: Andy

Andy had his 7th birthday this week and I thought I would send a picture of him with his birthday hat on after he got groomed by Carol. He is doing really well and are so happy with him. He has been the perfect dog for us; you did a great job matching him with us.

He has gone through beginner and intermediate training and has done pretty well, although he still has his moments. He's been a hit on our cul de sac, the kids love him and Andy loves the attention; he can't get enough of it.

Well, hope everything is well. Take Care.





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