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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Molly


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Molly, 2 1/2 year old female in Minnesota

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Lee

Jim and Judy rescued Molly from their local shelter in November of 2008 as a Poodle Mix. It wasn’t until February 2009 that they realized they had a Kerry Blue Terrier. Initially Molly had some dog aggression with their 7 year old beagle, Eddie, but within time, they were able to minimize this and Eddie became very instrumental in helping Molly learn the finer points of being a dog. While Molly was always very good with people, it became very apparent from that start that Molly had very few social skills in the dog world and had some dog aggression.

Molly is now about 2 1⁄2 years old. She has been to basic obedience class and moved on to advanced agility classes. Molly was making great progress until something still unknown changed for her. While she and Eddie were known to have their little spats in the past, they were few and far between, usually with a reason. While upsetting and something that was constantly being worked on to minimize, the bark was always worse than the bite and they were generally very social with each other. But within 5 days in the first week in March 2010, something changed for Molly. Her aggression appeared to be unprovoked, frequently happening throughout the day - she was going for Eddie’s throat. Eddie was starting to show injury. Due to the severity of the aggression and the ongoing escalation, it was decided to re-home Molly to keep both dogs safe and happy.

Molly has had a thorough checkup at the vet and is in good health. She is spayed, up-to-date with her vaccinations, and micro-chipped. Except for targeting Eddie, Molly has not changed. She loves people and also loves her cats. She will chase the cats if they run, so initial supervision to see how they are interacting is recommended. Molly has also been good in the company of children who have visited her home. Her groomer and vet both comment on her good behaviors when they are handling her. She knows many of her basic obedience commands and has been having lots of fun in the agility classes! Molly responds well to positive training methods.

While she will interact well with some dogs, Molly needs to be watched carefully as she will show aggression with certain dogs, especially if challenged. However, with the exception of Eddie, she gives warning signs, so the issue is manageable. While she is also a resource guarder of her toys - and sometimes of her humans – it is only with other dogs. Molly has never shown any of these behaviors toward people. She may play a game of keep away with you, but all in fun! So, given her issues with other canines, it is essential that Molly be the only dog in a household where she can bond with her own humans.

While Molly is a ‘work in progress,’ she has made great strides within a structured and loving environment. Her family will miss her greatly, but they know that being the only dog in a household is best for Molly.

On March 22, 2010, Molly was placed in San Diego, CA.


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