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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Sam


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Rescue Coordinator, Mid-West and Central Canada

Sam is a two and a half year old, neutered Kerry. He is currently in a kennel in the Indianapolis area. He is a beautiful Kerry boy, full of personality, who has already been in two different homes as far as we know.

Sam needs a home where he can bond with his humans and find love and security. He is good with children. On the challenging side, we do know of two instances where Sam has bitten other dogs – once when being walked by a young child. The other instance was when another dog entered his home. However, Sam gets positive reviews from everybody at the kennel. He likes to be in the office visiting with everyone. He loves being brushed and petted. He knows his basic commands, responding well to the sit command, for example. The owner of the kennel says Sam has not been aggressive with the other dogs, most probably because it is neutral territory for him.

It seems Sam has never had consistent love and efforts to make him feel special. Sam is only two and a half years old and is very much of a puppy in spirit. He is a sweetheart who will require love, training, and patience. Sam is a loving Kerry Blue who wants to bond with his own special human.

Sam will be coming to a foster home in Canada at the end of August with the help of Mid-West Wire Fox Terrier Rescue. (They are true Kerry angels in disguise!) Sam is going to a home where his new Dad, who is recently retired, will be working with Sam on his challenging behaviours and giving him the time, love, and special attention he deserves. Sam will be the only dog in this terrier-experienced household. (Photos of Sam will follow once he is here in Canada.)

If you are interested in adopting a rescue Kerry and are in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or the US Mid-West, consider submitting a completed adoption questionnaire to Linda Lee, Rescue Coordinator, If you are an appropriate candidate, we will work with you in the hope of finding the right Kerry for your household.

Linda Lee <>
Subject: Sam update
Date: September 2, 2009 4:05:50 PM PDT

Sam has had a great adventure! He left Indianapolis Saturday morning where he had been watched over by a very special person named Herma. In the care of the Mid-West Wire Fox Terrier Rescue network, he began his journey north. (The Wire Fox rescue people are true Kerry angels in disguise!) Sam spent Saturday night in Dumont, Iowa and was back on the road Sunday morning. The Wire Fox people continued the rescue relay until Judy (a Kerry owner) took over in Minneapolis. We met Judy just east of Fargo about 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. Sam’s new “dad”, Paul, was part of our group. Then we travelled north across the border and on to Sandy Hook, MB where Sam and Paul spent Sunday night with us. Everything worked exactly as planned!

On Monday morning we did some ear cleaning, nail cutting, a bit of grooming, and Sam played with a couple of Kerry girls. (And he loved their toy basket!) On Tuesday, Sam flew on to Vancouver, B.C. with his new dad. Last I heard they were planning a long walk on Vancouver’s sea wall this afternoon. Paul promises to keep us up-to-date on Sam’s new life.

Many people helped to get Sam to his forever home. A VERY special thanks goes out to the Wire Fox Terrier people in the US Mid-West and in Manitoba, as well as to Judy andHerma. Working together makes amazing things happen!

Sam's last transfer.


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