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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Rocco


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Ralph, now renamed Rocco, fostered in MA 

Rescue Coordinator: Tracey Fulmer

Update 1/23/09: NEW PICS! Ralph is now fostered in the Boston area with a family with children (ages 5 and 6). Although he is being fostered in a family with young children, he gets overstimulated and nervous easily and should be placed in an adult only home or possibly one with teenage children.

Ralph is a well-adjusted 7 year old, 35 lb neutered male, on the smaller side of the standard, owner release due to his owner's failing health. He acts like a youngster. We rarely get Kerries into rescue who are as sweet, well mannered and with such delightful temperaments as Ralph. He's exactly what a Kerry should be -- smart, curious, happy go lucky and sensible. His tail never stops wagging (and in fact, because it's docked on the long side, that wagging tail can knock things off the coffee table.) He leaps the last few steps going up stairs and practically skids down them with enthusiasm. When you laugh, his tail wags faster. (He makes me laugh a lot. Can you tell I'm smitten?)

He had spent a lot of time in his crate or a fenced yard prior to being released to the Kerry Foundation and is loving the freedom of the house and fenced yard. He's a handsome, square Kerry, with a bang-on tail set. In good health and fully housebroken. He's seeks out attention but is not overly persistent to the point of being annoying and he will stop when asked. He would probably spend all day in your lap or getting petted if he could. He has been introduced to other dogs and is being fostered with an older female Kerry. Although he generally meets other dogs appropriately, he can be selective with new dogs, so his adopter should not expect Ralph to be a dog park dog.

His first foster home spent time working on basic obedience. Ralph is easily leash walked in the neighborhood (still needs to learn how to heel). If you want a dog to train, he's really bright, soaks up learning and has nice focus. Also very food motivated and very willing to please. He sits to put on his leash and will wait at the door to the house when asked to stay, ever so happy when given the okay to enter. His adopters should continue to work on this training.

We're looking for a home where he has human companionship during the day and with a fenced yard. Terrier experience/appreciation also desired. He could be placed with a female dog or as a single dog. Unless you have experience training a dog not to chase a cat, he shouldn't be placed in a home with cats. (He has met cats and while not over the top with prey drive, he would need to learn not to chase them.) He would be fine with dog-savvy children over five and with firm adults.

Update 3/24/09: Ralph is placed in Wesern NY.

Update From: Tracey Fulmer <t_fulmer@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: [KBL] Ralph: Home at Last!
Date: March 30, 2009 6:06:37 AM PDT

I'm so pleased to report that Ralph is now in his adoptive home! At last! It was worth the wait as his adopters (who I hope will join our list) are very pleased to be the proud new owners of such a fine blue gentleman.

I have no idea why it took several months to find the right home for this lovely Kerry with a delightful, sweet temperament. He is truly one of the nicest Kerries I've had the pleasure to place. Perhaps his age, as he was 7 years old? Or the economy? The Foundation's high standards for placing him did not slip, thanks 100% to his foster homes, first Cathleen Gill and then the Arkoff family (Sharon, Harold, Jillian and Sam), who took care of Ralph like he was their own. In addition, our intrepid volunteers, Kathie and Ron MacFarlane, didn't hesitate to drive for several hours to ensure his adopters would provide the right home for Ralph.

Both of Ralph's foster families made a world of difference in getting him ready for his new home. Because his original owner had been terminally ill and unable to care for him, he had been crated for the last few years and only let out a few times during the day. Thus, he came to us unsure off himself and no longer housebroken. Cathleen spent a lot of time and energy (and cleaning products) fixing the housetraining. Cathleen and Sharon also worked on obedience training to build his confidence, and in fact the young Arkoffs, Sam and Jillian, essentially bombproofed him in addition to working him on sits and downs. (Note to self: whipped cream is highly motivating!) Words can't express the Foundation's thanks to Sharon Arkoff who hired a trainer to help dear Ralph through some issues (he was the perfect student), provided tons of exercise, socialized him to improve his doggie interaction skills, and made sure he was up to date on shots, all the while managing to juggle the youngsters and their social activities with Ralph in tow. How many mothers of youngsters could take in a dog that they would fall in love with, manage the children's expectations when he went away and take it all in stride with such patience, grace and humor?

My hat is off to Sharon and the entire Arkoff family as well as Cathleen. Without you, Ralph wouldn't have landed in such a wonderful home that truly appreciates not only Ralph, but all of the wonderful work of the Foundation. His new owners are so thrilled with his obedience skills that they're already scoping out obedience classes to continue his education. Ralph deserved the very best home, and he got it, fulfilling the last wishes of his owner, who entrusted the Foundation with his future.

Tracey Fulmer
KBTF Rescue Coordinator, Northeast

Update From: Tracey Fulmer <t_fulmer@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: [KBL] Ralph: Home at Last!
Date: April 6, 2009 6:06:37 AM PDT

Ralph had to get a name change -- his new owner is also named Ralph, so Ralph the Kerry is now Rocco.
Below is an update from his adopters.

Tracey Fulmer
KBTF Rescue Coordinator, Northeast
Hi Tracey,

Rocco is adjusting better all the time. He still loves Ralph best, but gives me plenty of attention too. I bought him lots of toys and goodies at Pet Smart. He loved the gorilla that made a roar, but soon dismantled the noisemaker in him....then out came his stuffing. I got him a kong toy with peanut butter treats and he loves that. Lots of different kinds of chewies.

Some other stuffed toys he plays with. He is having so much fun. I made him a place where he can sit in the living room window and watch outside. He enjoys watching people more than animals. Did not get excited about the three deer looking into my dining room window the other night. Would love it if we would hold him all day and rub his belly and kiss him. He has gotten kissy in the last few days. We give him our chins. He loves chicken and gets a little in his doggie food. I changed him to Purina and he seems to like it. Would not eat the food he came with. The leashes you gave us are great. He knows what time those walks are and comes and gets us. Dogs do know how to tell time! He still does not like the penned area, When the ground dries up we will go in with him and play in there and show it can be a fun place. We never leave him there more than a few minutes at a time anyway. I call him my little black bear...his eyes look like a baby bears. He is so lovable. We won't be going to obedience school until the end of April. That's when the class starts. Ralph said he was going to be my dog, but Rocco is spending lots of time with him in his study and they take walks together. He takes him out a lot too. He is telling me all the cute things Rocco does. This dog could win anyones heart.

Truth is, we are both smitten. That's it for now....


From: Muriel
Subject: Ralph/Rocco update
Date: May 1, 2009 2:01:51 PM PDT

Here are a couple of pictures of our new "boy." He loves his toys. Been here a month and seems very happy. We are thrilled with him. He especially loves Ralph. This morning I was awakened with kisses as I came downstairs early and fell asleep on the sofa.

I was an easy reach and he couldn't resist. Probably wanted his breakfast too. What a cute face to be staring in yours first thing in the morning. He is such a good boy.




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