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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Paddy


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Rescue Coordinator: Marian Moses

Fostered in Northern California

Paddy is a 5-year-old neutered male Kerry who recently lost his human dad and needs to be re-homed. Paddy is located in South Lake Tahoe, Ca. He is very friendly, loves to romp, play, and chase squirrels, does well with children and other dogs, (currently lives with two Airedales) and has never met a stranger (unless they have a camera).

Paddy takes a daily dose of Prednisone to keep food and water down. He tends to gulp his food and water too fast and occasionally will regurgitate, mostly the water. He is not registered and is current on all shots.

From: Marian Moses

Subject: Paddy Has A Home!
Date: December 22, 2009 7:34:56 AM PST

Paddy Has A Home!

After fostering Paddy in my home for two weeks, Saturday I drove him from Reno to Sacramento where he was introduced to his new mom, Jen Simms, and both his two-legged sister and four-legged sister Nuala, of the April Surprise Rescue. After a VERY enthusiastic greeting, and squeals of joy from his two-legged sister, and uneventful heinie sniff to and from his four-legged sister, the family continued on to their home in Vallejo, Ca.

I called Jenn on Sunday morning to see how Paddy faired on his first night with his new family. The family had been to the dog park where Paddy appeared to have played up a storm! His first night and morning in his new home was all I could have hoped for. He was doing very well with the child, the other Kerry, and the cat! His new mom was very pleased with the new addition to her family.

Paddy is a sweet little boy who gave me so much pleasure the two short weeks that I was privileged to have him in my home, it was hard to say goodbye, but man-oh-Manishevitz does it ever feel good to know that he has gone to a wonderful home!

Couch Potato Paddy in foster home.

Paddy during snow storm in Reno, NV

Paddy (right) at dog park in Reno, NV with foster brother, Ciaran
November 2009

Woohoo, breakfast in bed!

First meeting with new family in Sacramento, CA.

Paddy’s four-legged sister Nuala (right) is “Hope” from the
April Surprise Rescue of 2006




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