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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Moira


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The Foundation, networking with other terrier rescue organizations, received two female Kerries last winter that were released from a disgusting puppy mill. They were absolutely filthy, matted and smelled to high heaven when Jerry Perigo and his friends, Ray Hamilton and Eric Johnson, retreived them from the rescue transport. They had to be shaved down as their coats couldn't be saved. Cate and Moira were both used as breeding machines by this large mill that deals directly to the public via the internet. The mill's website has the typical lovely pictures of cute puppies playing with young children, but behind the scenees and out of the public view, this situation was obviously a nightmare for the dogs.

Both girls were deeemed horribly dog aggressive by the terrier rescue organizations and for that reason they had been left behind on previous transports. With some luck of the Irish and with Jerry's assistance, flexibility, and willingness to take on this challenge, we were able to get them out of that hell hole.

Moira turned out to be the less dog aggressive of the two and has been adopted. Jerry has been working with Cate for the last 4 months and while her dog aggression is under control, she will need a home that will continue to work with her and will keep her safe while also socializing her, since she is still emotionally fragile and lacks confidence from her mill existence.


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