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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Kirby


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Missi (now Kirby) & Muffi, 10 month old females

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Grisley

Fostered in Alberta, Canada

On Thursday, both girls made their way by car relay (again, many thanks to Barb from Wire Fox Rescue, Bill from Michigan and Brian from Ontario) where they boarded a plane from Toronto. Muffi (now Kate) went directly to a waiting approved adopter in BC. Missi came to Edmonton for foster care.

Missi is good with people, including children, although a shy to begin with. As soon as Missi met her foster mum, Trix, she glued herself to her. Since then she has gained a bit of confidence and will sit at the other end of the couch instead of on Trix’s lap, but will still follow every move Trix makes.

Missi is a slightly smaller Kerry and quite exuberant. She has lots of energy and can be quite vocal when excited! Remember – she is a puppy!

There are no other dogs in Missi’s foster home but we will introduce her to other dogs as she settles in. We know she was beat upon by her bigger sister, but she can certainly hold her own. Right now, she shows fear aggression but she hasn’t had a chance to get confident in this home, so we will be testing her aggressive tendencies as she progresses. She is not possessive of her food or space, but does growl at other dogs on walks. She needs to be the only female dog in the household. She needs an experienced owner who can manage her particular behavioural challenges and give her lots of love and training. She needs a large fenced yard. Missi especially needs to be able to work off some of her youthful energy!

This is a sweet and loving young lady who needs a structured environment in which to blossom.


Update for Missi's bio:

As mentioned before, Missi had a haircut before she travelled to Edmonton. These photos were taken today when Missi met Kerby, my Kerry Blue, and Beans, my PWD. At first she was shy and hid behind her foster mum's legs. The dogs sniffed noses but that was it for first meeting. However, as we walked together, she let the other dogs get ahead of her so she could sneak in a bum sniff. It was quite funny!

We went to a local rink where Missi was jumping around on her leash and doing play bows, so we let the three dogs off leash in the enclosed space to play. Again, Missi hid behind foster mum for a few minutes, but when Kerby found a stick and started prancing around with it, Missi was right in there. I got video of the 3 of them running and playing, but I can't seem to get if off my phone.

The bottom line is - Missi is a typical young Kerry girl. She is outgoing and playful as soon as she gets comfortable. Once she is in a permanent home and has the time to bond with her new family, she will be as confident as any Kerry girl.

Missi was adopted in November 2009 and is now living in Winnipeg. Her name was changed to Kirby.


From: Barbra Pappas []
Sent: November 27, 2009 9:51 AM
To: Linda Grisley
Subject: KIRBY

Good Morning [...],

Well it's been about 10 days since Kirby became part of our family and we absolutely love her.

We have had no issues with visitors, she is cautious but very friendly. She sits when people come and go, I still kneel beside her but don't have to hold her anymore. She does come, and sits in front of me, knows and responds to off, quiet,and enough to the barking. Now we are working on stay and heel, though I think they will take a while.

She follows me everywhere and loves to cuddle, she is very "touch me" needy. Jim is happy he has finally been accepted, but he is still second. She is a very smart and loving girl and becoming a that typical Kerry puppy.

Kirby has decided not to do fetch and thinks it's fun to chase the ball but I should go get it and do it again...she will learn I don't do fetch. All of this learning has been done with treat orientation which is fine for now.

The pictures I've sent are doing her sit, sniffing a stuffed Kerry [not her toy] and my favorite, checking out the neighborhood at the front door.  I'm hoping to start putting up Christmas decorations up this weekend, so it could be very interesting with all her curiosity.

I will keep in touch and if she's still enough for some great pictures I will forward them.

Thank you again for filling that empty space, Kirby is just wonderful.


Subject: FW: Kirby update for website
Date: May 31, 2010 9:40:04 AM PDT


It's now six months since Kirby became part of our family and she is the perfect Kerry. She is a loving cuddler who has learned her good manners while still being a Kerry.

Kirby has a wide range of friends, some of whom have sleep overs. There is a 1 yr. old male black Lab, a 13 yr. old female Dachshund, a 2 yr.old male Australian sheep dog[ who she herds] and all the dogs and neighbors we meet on our walks.

We no longer crate her when we are out, just confine her in the kitchen and at night she sleeps on the floor right beside me.
She has no issues and is very eager to please. She loves chasing her Frisbee and playing in the yard though she still prefers if I'm out in the yard with her.
Everyone that meets her says "she is so pretty and the sweetest dog ever" and we agree.

Her vet loves her and she sailed through her spay surgery, all the groomers comment on how she is the best behaved. We haven't encountered anyone that doesn't fall in love with her.

The only negative I can think of is she is my only Kerry who picks fresh carrots out of her food and makes a neat pile beside her bowl. We did have an incident last month when we had our son's 30th birthday party. With so many people coming into the house and not closing the door properly I felt she would be safer confined to part of the kitchen. When most of the guests had left she was allowed to come out to meet and greet. She went around the room to get pats from everyone and retreated back to the kitchen. Moments later she came back to the living room wagging her tail and sat down in the middle of the floor to enjoy a little snack amongst her new friends.

Her snack was the remainder of the roast of beef, about the size of her head. The roast was quickly returned to the kitchen. She had never stolen food before and Jim couldn't understand why. My thoughts are because she is so cute everyone shared a bite of roast as they took the plates to the kitchen. So after tasting how good it was and the fact it was probably too close to the edge of the counter, she just couldn't resist. We didn't tell anyone but Jim and I enjoyed our hot beef sandwiches the next night. Since then there have been no more food robberies in our house.

Again Linda I thank you, and all the others who make happy homes for the Kerries and their human pets.

I have enclosed a picture of Kirby after her last grooming.

Much love,

Kirby's Mom



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