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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Kim


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Grisley

Fostered in Ontario, Canada 

Original Write Up

Kim is quite honestly spoiled. She has lived in a home with anything and everything she may desire, but few boundaries. She is a loving big puppy in nature with lots of energy. She has had a large acre yard to run in but no friends to play with. Although she reacts negatively at first meeting other dogs, with proper introduction she is fine. Formal training classes should help her socialization.

The home where she has been for the past couple of months has young children. Kim loves to run and play with the kids, but she tries to herd them and jumps on them. Older children would be acceptable in her new home.

Kim also has a pancreatic disorder which requires daily medication and diet restrictions. This is not fatal or inhibiting to her in any way; it just means she needs to take her medicine every day. Although the medication is an additional expense to Kim’s care, the doctor left a monthly allowance in trust for her care, so there will not be additional expense to her adopters.

Kim is a typical Kerry Blue! Loving to her family and full of mischief and energy. She is a sweetheart of a dog who would love to have a new family for the rest of her life.

Her adopters should not have small children, a large fenced yard, and the time and energy to provide her with the training she needs to adapt to a new home.


Below is a report from Heather Taylor, Kim's foster mom from July 27, 2009.

Kim is a really great doggy!

Vet report:
- encounter with cat clearing up - no sign of infection
- weight at 32.6 lbs. (This is good and an ideal weight for her height; may have to reduce calorie intake; her records show that she was once a hefty 41lb. girl.)
- perhaps Kim has 'dry eye' in one eye - should be watched
- not concerned, at this time, with the other reported anomalies; felt a longer trial period with the Pancrease V; say two months, then redo CBC, Blood Chemistry and TLI
- observation of BM is the best indicator of her condition [...]

She is eating with gusto and seems not the least concerned with the adjacent kennel dogs. She has found her voice and wants to be the first out for a walk and play time! She loves to play tug and can be vocal about it, but releases the tug on command.

CKC - will transfer recorded ownership of Kim upon receipt of her Certificate of Registration, signed off by the Executrix of the Estate, a copy of the will (the part naming said Executix), a copy of the Death Certificate and the fee, of course.

She has a strange diet combination right now....regular Adult kibble by Natural Balance (normal protein and fat proportions) topped with MediCal Gastro (low Protein and fat, usually prescribed for Pancreatitis patients). If she was staying here, I would get a consult with Monica Segal, T.O. and have her develop a low protein, low fat homemade diet for Kim, however my next choice is the Natural Balance brand with a lower protein/fat ratio and the companion wet food.

Pancrease V is an OTC (over the counter) powder and can be purchased at a pharmacy. The in vitro digestive abilities of the powder is on the container, so the dosage could and probably should be adjusted to the actual protein/fat grams of the kibble consumed. Right now she is on the recommended 'dog' dose which has no correlation to the actual food intake.

[...] She is a pretty color, isn't she? - must be the Hallsblu Danny Boy parentage.

Heather Taylor

Below is a report from Linda Grisley, from August 16, 2009.

Just a note to update the listers on the status of Kim, our 7 yr. old female
up for adoption. Kim is fostered in Ontario and is doing very well. She
has proven to be a sweet girl with fewer problems than originally presented
to us (could be the change in environment?)

On the web site, we talked about exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and
the extra TLC she requires to live a normal life. I want to explain to
listers and potential adopters that, although this is a serious condition,
it is totally manageable. Kim is on a prescription diet supplemented by
Pancreas V powder and she is doing really, really well.. She has even gained
a couple of pounds.

Kim's prognosis is great - she can expect to have a normal lifespan.

I'm afraid Kim is falling into the "too much work and too old" category.
Here is a wonderful happy girl with many more years of love in her and a
totally manageable diet need. She loves to play and go for walks and do all
the things a normal Kerry can do.

Kim needs a home with a large fenced yard, people with the time to devote to
her exercise and play, and older or no children. She should be tested with
another dog in the potential home, but has not shown aggression in foster

Linda Grisley
Rescue Director, Canada

Below is a report from Heather Taylor, Kim's foster mom from August 20, 2009.

Kim after his trim:

Kim was adopted in October 2009.


Update from Ariane, Kim new mom:
Date: October 11, 2009 10:03:42 AM PDT

Hi [...]

Just wanted you to know that we have Kim safely at home after a 3 hr trip home. She was great in the car. As soon as we got home, before we did anything else, we took her for a long, long walk. Both my son Diederik and I wanted to walk her – so Didederik walked her the first half, and I walked her home. She was amazing!!!. She walked right beside us ignoring pretty much every dog walking by – and given the perfect Fall weather we had today, there were many dogs out for a walk. We took her to Wychwood Park which is a former artist’s colony with a private road and pond – a little bit of the English country in the city. An older couple were outside of their house and when they saw us walking by, the woman exclaimed- “is that a Kerry?” and she came running over. Apparently they had a Kerry who just died – so we told them we just got Kim today and we had a nice long chat. Kim was her ever charming self – laid back, tail wagging and quite content to be the center of attention. We finally got her home and took her inside where she was given the tour. She sniffed around for a while and then just kept an eye on us as we got ourselves organized. We got her dinner ready and she did her very best to sit quietly until I put the bowl down. It took a few tries, but she did her very best. Her food disappeared in a flash. While we ate out dinner, she just laid down and left us alone. She has scoped out a favorite spot to lie down which she finally did about 8 pm (in the dining room where she can see the front door, the living room, the kitchen and the family room). It didn’t take her long to figure out that she could keep everything in site in that one spot. She has one of her huge cushions in the family room and she came to lie down there when we sat down after dinner. She was a pretty tired girl. Took her out once more before bed for a good 40 minutes – and she did her business – all looked good. She is now lying on her bed in my room waiting for me to come to bed which is where I am going to be very shortly.

She is without a doubt, one very special Kerry. She has such a sunny disposition, is very accommodating and is so loving. We had many many Kerry kisses today. I cannot believe how lucky we are that we have her and I know we are going to have such a wonderful time together.

Thank you Linda for entrusting us with this wonderful girl and thank you Heather for working with her to make this transition so seamless. Will have many more stories to tell over the next while. In the meantime, a few photos to share. 



Update from Ariane, Kim's new mom:
Date: Sunday, March 21, 2010 7:34 PM

Kim is doing fantastic. I can’t believe that I have had her for almost 6 months. She is just thriving. We have totally bonded. She is my complete Velcro dog – she is a Kerry after all – following me where ever I go. Greeting me with wild abandon when I come home. I just love it. We are still doing our three walks per day, but I have to admit that they have been a bit shorter in the colder weather. With the warmer weather upon us, we’ll be back in the ravines exploring.

Kim finished a basic obedience class in November – and just aced it. The other dog owners were wondering why their dogs weren’t so well behaved. I of course, was thinking to myself, you have got to be kidding, she is a Kerry – but Kim is very bright, loves food rewards, and loves the “job”. She was able to figure our new concepts so quickly – she would kind of sit there and say – ok what’s next. We then went on to do a rally obedience class – and again she was just loving it. It helps that she loves the trainer Renee de Villiers, and that Renee loves her. She happily jumps into the car when we go off to classes. It is just a great activity to do together. The girls going out together! Kim finished the rally obedience class with flying colours. We had to do a rally course in the last class and Kimmie just pranced right through it, doing a nice finish at the end. She walks so elegantly. Her conformation is quite lovely. The trainer, just got her own space for training and now has two indoor agility courses – so Kim is in the middle of a beginners agility course and is just loving it, although she can be a bit stubborn from time to time. Can you tell that I am a very proud Kerry mom!!

Kim is still not great around other dogs, but manages quite well in the classes. Renee has developed some strategies for us that seem to be working reasonably well and hopefully with time she will get better. She does know now when a dog comes, that if she turns around and focuses on me rather than barking, she will get a treat, so it is quite hilarious watching her turn to me when a dog is coming looking for her treat.

Her health is really good. The EPI seems to be under control and she is full of energy. She is very gradually putting back on some weight. Weighs 30 lbs now. She has settled in really well and is a full member of the family. We just love having her. For me, adopting an older Kerry was just perfect, I can really focus on the finer points with Kim and she is very responsive – as long as I have treats in my pocket.

I have enclosed some pictures of Kim. They were taken in the late Fall just after she came home from the groomers, so she was looking particularly lovely. I will send some more recent pictures soon – still have to download from my camera.

Hope all is well with you these days.



Date: Setember 30, 2014

Dear Linda:

It’s been 5 years since Kimmie came into my life. Where to begin about my Kimmie? As I mentioned yesterday, she turned 12 in August with no sign of letting up. She still has lots of energy, although I am sure she spends time sleeping during the day. She does like being in bed for the night by 11 pm and comes and gets me if I am not in bed by that time. She can still jump up on the bed (which is quite high) and I am amazed that she can still do it, but she leaps up effortlessly, goes to her spot at the end of the bed, where she stays for the night.

She still loves to play and she loves her walks. We still walk over an hour a day in 3 walks and more on the weekends - and that really is her thing. She could walk forever. Not the greatest with other dogs, but she works really hard at controlling her barking at other dogs and we give a fairly wide berth when we encounter them. So we have found ways to manage it. All to say she is a very well-behaved dog for the most part. She is a happy and well adjusted dog. Never had any separation anxiety or anything like that. I travel for work a bit and have a dog sitter come and stay at the house to least disrupt her routine. Kimmie loves the dog sitter and the dog sitter loves Kimmie, so I don’t have to worry for one moment when I am away.

Kimmie has such a lovely sunny disposition, always wanting to please. She is really a wonderful dog. And funny! She makes me laugh all of the time. She just cracks me up. She loves to pick up Kleenex off the sidewalk and eat it. It is amazing how much Kleenex resides on the sidewalk and Kimmie can always sniff it out. So we do the whole leave it and drop it routine, and if all goes well and she listens, she gets a cookie. So now she finds the Kleenex, picks it up, looks at me and flings it to the sidewalk so that she gets her cookie. Cracks me up every time.

She is in really good health for her age and considering her pre-existing health issues. Her thyroid problem is under control with the daily medication which she faithfully gets. Her EPI is also under control. I am incredibly strict about her food intake, no human food, low fat prescription food, and very boring low fat treats (her cookies) which she thinks are amazing. She is hungry all the time so we have to really watch her so she doesn't get into anything, but it just hasn't been an issue for us at all.

We had a bit of a scare last Fall. She had a growth in her ear and on her nose which she had surgically removed last October. They were tumors (I started thinking the worst), but mercifully they were benign. Had her teeth cleaned at the same time, while she was under. She did have a number of cavities (must have been from her former days- don't think there was a lot of oral hygiene), so she had a couple of teeth removed, but it does not affect her ability to eat. So, yes, she was a cone head for a couple of weeks. It was hilarious taking her home from the vet (who is at the top of my street). Kimmie, still under the influence of the anesthetic and not used to her cone, weaved her way down the street bumping into everything in her path. She did figure the cone out, never protested about having to wear it and recover nicely from that.

This past summer she managed to catch an antibiotic resistant staph infection in her bladder. This I discovered after she needed to pee all the time and she was drinking so much water. Needless to say, she was peeing regularly in the house and on my bed, which she never does. I felt like I had stepped back 25 years when I was changing beds in the middle of the night with my young kids! Hmmm - note to self, there is something wrong with her. It was unusual to say the least, but we found a really powerful antibiotic that she tolerated - was on it for a whole month, and she just got a clean bill of health - so it ended really well.

Other than that, she has had no health issues to date. I totally lucked out with Kimmie. She is a delight. While she is not perfect by any means, she is pretty darn good and I absolutely love having her. Even if it is really bad weather out, I never begrudge having to take her out, just because, she gives so much back. She is lying on her spot right beside me in my study (she has several throughout the house) snoozing away, waiting until I finish this note and we will go to bed. I don't know what I would do without her.

Kimmie has been a poster girl for adopting an older dog with health issues’ I never regret making the decision to adopt an older dog. It has worked really well for both of us.

And that is the story of Kimmie for now. Healthy and happy - and that goes for me too!!

Lots of hugs and Kimmie Kerry kisses



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