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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Katie


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Fostered in British Columbia

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Grisley at

Katie is just turning one year old. She is living in British Columbia and is the sweetest most loving, cuddly girl imaginable. Katie came from a neglected background in that there were no rules of behaviour. She was adopted only a month ago into a multiple dog household where she fit in well – to a point. She played wonderfully with the other dogs and started taking obedience lessons, which she took to very well. She is inconsistent with toilet training, but has been doing well. She knows sit, stay, wait for her meals, and come. Unfortunately, though, she took a dislike to one of the other dogs and would attack him – seemingly unprovoked. There were no evident triggers to her attack, and although her owners have tried a muzzle and crating, she still found opportunity. With the other dogs in the home, Katie cannot receive the individual training attention that she needs to learn acceptable social skills. Therefore, she needs to be placed in a home with no other dogs, with an owner dedicated to her training and an active lifestyle.

Video of Katie on YouTube.

Here’s an 12/12/09 update on Katie from her foster mum, Nancy - for her bio page. She’s doing very well!

I have now had her in my home for seven days and she is doing well. She only had one "attack" and I was easily able to break up Katie & my Kerry girl Keely. No harm done and no blood. When I first had her in my home I had her in a muzzle when she was out of the crate (most of the time) because I didn't trust her to behave. By about Wednesday I let her out of the crate free of the muzzle and watched her intently. The first & only scrap was Friday December 11th and since then nothing and she has been behaving well.

She really craves attention from her "person/people" and loves to run around and play. In the video you will see her running around playing with Keely. She absolutely loves the snow and will drag her snout in it.

She seems to be taken with Quinn (my rescued boy) and taken on some of his characteristics - unfortunately some of them are not the good ones (pulling on the leash, barking at other dogs while they pass by) but has also become more calm and I'm hoping that Quinn's stability (well, his stability most of the time, that is) will keep her from any attacks.

Last night I turned on the television to the Canadian dog show that TSN was televising. When Katie saw the dogs on TV she ran for my 46" flat screen to, one can only presume, "get that dog" much to my surprise. No, the TV is fine and yes, she likes to watch it.
I will keep you updated as I know more.


From: lgrisley@SHAW.CA
Subject: [KBL] Katie is home...again
Date: December 19, 2009 7:34:56 PM PST

After much consultation and training discussion, Katie will remain with her
original adopters. This is wonderful news for Katie! We were sure this
was the right home for her, but she got snarky with the other dogs because
she hadn't had time and guidance to learn her place. Now she is ready to
return and take her rightful position ....on the floor for now.

Special thanks to Nancy Joyce for her temporary foster and training guidance.

Linda Grisley
Rescue Director, Canada

From: Brenda
Subject: Update on katie - adopted in 2009
Date: May 4, 2010 11:54:34 AM PDT

Hi Linda!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying Spring, which we, in fact, have not yet least not the warm West Coast kind of Spring to which we are accustomed. I just wanted to update you on the Kerry girls, and Katie in particular, who is THE most darling little dog I have ever met (and I've met lots of them!). There are absolutely no issues whatsoever with Kelsey and we have had absolute harmony for weeks and months now. Kelsey continues to bark her head off at everything, but Katie, thankfully, only barks when she is happy and playing. I have puppy parties every Saturday at the indoor riding arena where dogs can come and play and socialize, (Powell River does not have an off-leash park) and often have 25 or so dogs....Katie is a dream, shows no aggression to anyone and just rips around happily barking her little head off. She loves the cat, although their interaction is supervised at all times! At the end of the day, she is on the couch cuddling with me or Gord, as limp as a noodle with just her tail wagging furiously when you say her name or give her a stroke. She is just a wonderful little dog and I am SO happy that we were able to work things out with her and Kelsey. Agility classes start next Saturday and both Katie and Kelsey will be participating, Kelsey is an awesome agility dog, and I hope that Katie loves it as much as she does.

So, once again, thanks to you and Nancy for your guidance and support! If they were all like Katie, we would have many, many Kerries!


From: Brenda Clarke []
Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 7:39 PM
Subject: the Kerries and the cat

These are pics of Katie who used to be such a little bitch and now here she is settled in with her pack.
Love these success stories!!

Kerries and Cats

Kerries and Cats


From: []
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 10:12 AM
Subject: Update on Katie

Katie was first home from the groomer' she is in her new haircut.....





Waiting for a treat.


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