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For the love of Kerries

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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Jack


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Rescue Coordinator: Linda Lee

We got this Jack as a re-home in September 2009. He was fostered by the Campanella's briefly in 2009 and went to his foster-to-adopt home in November 2009. He was officially adopted in 2010 by Bea Sonnenshein.

October 2010 Update:

Little did I know when we received Jack last year that he would become the love of my doggy heart. He arrived at LaGuardia airport, in the middle of a snowstorm, at midnight, at the end of a long day after a protracted trip from Kentucky, to Texas, to New York, after many hours on planes and tarmac, only to be greeted by two unsuspecting members of the Kerry fan club who really had no idea he would be so BIG. At that point he was close to 50 lbs.

His carrying case was so large that I had to remove him from the case, and dismantle it to place it in the trunk of the car. When we got home, we decided to attempt to walk Jack with his new housemate Rosie which turned out to be a disaster. She escaped from the house, and went for him, and he fled as this banshee made a beeline for his throat.

I rounded him up at a neighbor’s house, and then understood what Linda Lee meant when she said that he was a runner. Fortunately, he did not run too far.

Jack and Rosie spent the next few weeks in different areas of the house, and due to my mother’s illness and subsequent death, had little opportunity to mingle together. We did manage to spend evenings around the television with both dogs on leashes and that seemed to work out.

While I was away in Florida taking care of my mother’s affairs, my son came home to help my husband and decided that the dogs needed to be walked together. As he said, “Enough is enough!” By the time I returned I could walk them together, and gradually over the next few months they began to learn to live together.

What made this work was that Jack loves Rosie. He follows her everywhere, steals her toys in an effort to inspire play, and chases her constantly in the backyard. It is now at the one year mark that I see she has accepted him as well, and is insanely jealous of other females – even those she would play with before his entry into the home. Jack is just a guy and is interested in any other female; to Rosie, he is HER guy.

Jack is a hunter, and I suspect that he spent a good deal of time honing this skill in the past. He started with the bunnies last spring. Within 24 hours he found three nests in the vegetable patch and we had to dispose of 9 bodies. Then I have seen him kill birds, chipmunks and squirrels without a second glance. He is quick and smart with keen eyesight. And when I walk the dogs late at night when there are deer around, I need to keep a good hold of his leash. He has awakened this skill in Rosie as well. I see them take off in the backyard, and I have to keep watch to make sure they are not going to be fighting over a kill.

Jack was so well trained by his original owner, and for that we owe the gentleman a debt of gratitude. When he has killed an animal, all I need to say is “Drop it!” and he does. He sits and lies down on command, although stay is still tough for him. Jack rarely climbs upon the furniture –unless we are sitting there. He is now about 45 lbs. (upon the recommendation of my veterinarian) but still believes he is a lap dog. When he sees us on the sofa, he lays his body on our laps and places his head on our shoulder, and moans rather loudly as you pet him.

But he does love to chew anything with padding. Poor Rosie cannot have a stuffed toy for more than a few days before it is shredded into bits around the house. And any protracted amount of time I am away from the house, past what is normal for a working woman; I begin to worry about the status of my sofa cushions.

Even with these few insignificant demerits, he has become an integral and beloved member of the family and the community. Neighbors have come to love and respect Jack and he loves people as well. Both of my sons have honestly said they would take him in an instant; he is so sweet and good natured. He is BIG, but how else can you contain that enormous Kerry heart. I wish to thank the Kerry Blue Foundation and Linda Lee for bringing Jack into our home.

Beatrice and Larry Sonnenshein




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