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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Homeward Bound Rescue


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Today, February 9, 2009, in South Bend, Indiana, we were successful in releasing 3 young dogs from a rescue/shelter. These are the three that we lost track of in the last rescue three weeks ago. There were supposed to be 11 dogs but only 8 were at the Ohio mill. So a couple of weeks later, we find that these lost three are sitting in a kennel in Indiana.

They are 2 females and 1 male, approximately 1 1⁄2 yrs. of age. The Jen at the kennel said they were like little lambs, just following her all over. Originally they were part of Junior Horton’s puppy manufacturing business but were traded to the Amish Ohio mill where we rescued the other eight. We have anticipated that these dogs would be in very poor condition, but I am pleased to say that they are apparently loving and happy and very sweet natured. One girl is quite small, the other normal size and the boy is quite large. They have horrible haircuts but no ear or eye infections visible. Their vet visit this week will tell us more.

These dogs are on their way to foster care in Michigan where they will be vetted and readied for transport. There are three foster-to-adopt homes here in Alberta where the dogs will reside and be evaluated. If they fit with the existing dogs in these homes, they will stay. If not, they will be posted on the web site for adoption.

Many thanks to Bill Moyer of Hillsdale Michigan who didn’t know me from a hole in the wall, but gladly volunteered to pick up the dogs when I called him after researching Kerry people close by. Brian Gibson of Ontario will be bringing the dogs into Canada for us. Brian is a tireless volunteer for the Foundation and is always willing to jump in his car to help a Kerry. Once again, we are overwhelmed with the wonderful people who step up to assist a Kerry in need.  Bless you! 


Samson (Sam) is a 1 1⁄2 yr. old male from the Homeward Bound Rescue on February 9th, 2009. On that date, we released 3 Kerries from a shelter/rescue group in South Bend, Indiana and they were transported to Alberta. Sam is now in foster care in Edmonton, Alberta where he was very happy to meet Bree, one of our previous rescue girls with whom he now resides. He loves Bree a little too much.......yes, he’s a young man of amorous inclination. Bree objects to that particular attention, but loves the ear and face cleaning that Sam offers, as well as the soft greying hair on which to snooze. 

Sam is very affectionate. He is not shy of any humans that he has met so far, (male and female adults, and large teenagers) but we have not yet tested him with children. He has a good voice but doesn’t use it very often. Sam will approach for attention and stand for scratches as long as you are willing to give them.

He loves to gallivant and jump around in the yard and especially loves to go for walks. He likes to lead but does not pull. We are starting on some obedience training with him now so that he will walk nicely on leash beside you and will sit on command. He is a work in progress, but an obedient learner.

Sam is taller at 22 inches but quite skinny now so we’re not aware of his weight potential. Suffice to say, he will be a large Kerry. As you can see from the pictures, although he is not standing well stacked, he is a fine looking specimen of Kerry Blue with a dark silver coat and luxurious curly hair. Unfortunately, his tail was cut very short, but you can certainly tell when it’s wagging. His ears have not been set .

As far as his health goes, he arrived with goopy eyes (common in rescues) and hairy ears, but appears to be in good shape otherwise. He will be thoroughly examined by a vet soon and will be neutered before placement, once he’s had a chance to settle down here. He was very good on the grooming table and in the multiple bathes he needed (boy, did he stink!) although he got his foster mum, Jennifer, quite wet!

On walks, Sam is curious of other dogs but gave a throaty growl to a friendly girl who got too close. Accordingly, we have not yet socialized him with other dogs beyond his love for Bree, so will update his posting as he settles in foster care and can progress in learning polite city life.

Sam will appreciate a home with experienced dog people who are willing to teach him and provide lots of space in a fenced yard. We do not want to ship Sam again; accordingly a home within driving distance will be given priority. This is a wonderful loving dog who deserves to live the rest of his life returning the affection that he is so willing to give.

Subject: Sam is adopted
Date: March 4, 2009 1:49:54 PM PST

Sam has been adopted by his foster mum, Jennifer Shelley, who also has Bree. This is good for Sam, but not for me ‘cause I lose another foster spot! Oh well.





Foster-to-adopt with Kathleen Firth in Edmonton.

Kathleen has another Kerry girl, Indigo, that she brought with her from Ontario. Indigo came to her through her brother the veterinarian as a rehome. She writes:

It is going well. Her name is Allegretto - meaning quick and lively (I love Music). Alley and Indy. She and Indigo have sorted things out for the most part. She had difficulty going up stairs then down - I carried her. She did not know how to play. It is coming slowly - Toys what are they? She would rather carry a dusting cloth in her mouth. She had a tussle this am when she picked up Indigo's favorite toy - but it was soon over. They never want the toy that you get them both. She is eating morning and night. She doesn't seem to eat at one sit but rather on the run . Everything is put on the floor first.

She doesn't leave my side when she is on the leash so it makes walking her on a leash easier than I thought. Alley has figured out her crate is her safe place. I put her in there the first night while Indigo ate and she split the plastic on the cage - She wanted OUT! She goes readily now when I am upstairs in the bedroom. She is very sweet. What a lovely temperament..

I took some mats off her tummy so I put her in a coat to go outside. She was not a big fan of the snow. Now she eats it beside Indigo.

She does pee outside on a schedule but she doesn't like to bare her bottom outside.

Friday _ I wondered if I was crazy but it is better each day. She paces a bit but eventually lies down. - Loves to be petted.

The wounds on her neck are starting to fall off. I wonder if she got them in the kennel? They are pretty recent.





Foster-to-adopt with Sylvia Fuchek in Calgary.

Sylvia has another Kerry boy, Oliver, formerly Silverman from the Merry Kerry rescue. She writes: Hi Linda, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I took reading week off and didn't check my email. Here are some pictures--of course Oliver is the silver one and Isabelle "Izzy" is the black one. There's a before her haircut picture. She looks like a black sheep.

When Oliver first met Izzy, of course he was trying to mount her every couple of minutes. He also kept trying to play with her by body checking her and at one point she held up her paw to stop him. It was quite funny. They're now starting to play. She is a sweetie, can be quite the Diva now that she knows what attention and pets are--she wants it all.
She just now starting to eat somewhat regularly. She's going to the vet tomorrow because I think she has an eye infection--it's call crusty and Oliver keeps licking her eye and her ear. Izzy has no shame, she lies on her back and just let me lick her ear and eye until she's sopping wet.

She does well in the crate and at first she was going in on her own. Of course as she spent all this time out of it with us, she became reluctant. She's not bad in potty training, but that probably means we're not bad at catching when she has to go out. I guess we have to keep her on a an umbilical for a while longer.

We took her to the dog park a couple of times and she was doing okay, came when we called most of time. At one point, when I had Ollie, I saw Dean walking after her as she seemed to be going in the opposite direction. Apparently, she grabbed another dog's ball and was being chased. But when the others stopped chasing her, she just kept going.

Needless to say when she came to Dean she was leashed back up. Since she was doing so well in the park I took her into Sunnyside garden center to get some dog food. Well, a bus went by, making a loud noise with its brakes and she spooked. Thank goodness I had a tight hold on the leash. I ended up carrying her into the center. Once she was inside she was still freaked, going in every direction and at one point hid behind the kitty condos and just sat there. Not quite as advanced as I thought! She's great with other people and other dogs but is rather timid at sudden movements, loud noises and sometimes pees out of fear.

I'll keep you informed.







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