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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Dempsey, now Diarmuid


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From:Linda Grisley <>  

Subject: Dempsey
Date: June 15, 2009 1:58:53 PM PDT

A week ago, in Minneapolis area, a stray (potential) Kerry was posted by a local shelter. Dianne Collins brought it to Linda Lee’s attention, Judy Wick went to check it out. This boy was young, and looked very much like a Kerry. The shelter took many pictures, shaved an ear and a section of his coat so we could see more detail (poor little patchy guy J) and it all added up to Kerry Blue – except that he is only 14 1⁄2 inches high at the shoulder! We still can’t figure out what he may be mixed with, but it’s the Kerry Blue that shines through. Regardless, we had all fallen in love with him. Judy said he was an absolute dear and the shelter staff were all in love with him, so we agreed to get him out of there. The shelter agreed to undertake the vetting and put all his records in order and Judy agreed to pick him up this last Saturday morning.

In the meantime, I had been reviewing an application from Hamilton, Ontario to adopt a rescue Kerry and was awaiting the help of our Kerry friend, Brian Gibson to conduct the last step, the home visit. On Thursday, Brian’s email to me was a glowing recommendation for Danielle & Craig, who didn’t care if Dempsey wasn’t all Kerry.

Now the problem of transport: No airlines would take a live animal on a weekend – not from the US into Canada or even within the US. Since we had to move Dempsey over the weekend, I started the cold calls to Kerry people across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan who could possible take a few hours to transport a Kerry. I know you can foresee the ending to this story! Once again, Kerry people jumped on board to help a dog in need.

Judy and her sister got Dempsey to Madison, Wisconsin. Bill Moyer drove all the way from Hillsdale, MI to Madison, WI to pick him up, then back to his house for overnight, then drove again Sunday morning to meet Danielle & Craig coming down into Michigan from Ontario. More people had come forward to volunteer to drive and overnight Dempsey, but Bill wanted to do it! (He used to be a truck driver, so likes the “open road”)

Last night Dempsey arrived at his new home where the neighbours had a “pupcake” party ready for him and he met his new neighbourhood doggie friends. Dempsey ran and played with his new friends for 2 hours before he decided he was tired enough to sleep. Danielle & Craig are madly in love with this new bundle of tiny happy Kerry resilient spirit.

THANK YOU once again to all the volunteers who made this rescue possible. We will look forward to more stories of Dempsey.

From: Danielle King []
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 2:00 PM
Subject: Dempsey Update

Hello all!

It’s been just over a week now, and things are going great! As we watched Dempsey’s personality unfold it became quite clear that he needed a name change! Our very Irish dog has been given a very Irish name, Diarmuid, which is pronounced “Dermot”. Diarmuid was the name of a great hero in Irish legend, and it was also the name of several ancient Irish Kings…quite fitting for the newest addition to our family!

Diarmuid has been a very busy pup since adopting us! He is fitting in really well and seems to be as smitten with us as we are with him! He is so well adjusted, it’s as if he has always been here with us!
He had his very first visit with the Vet last week and we are happy to report that he is healthy and coccidia free! He is booked back in on July 10th to be neutered (yikes!).

The shaggy little man got his hair cut today! He was badly matted and the groomer had to cut him pretty close but he looks great! There was a totally different dog under all that fur! Diarmuid was very well behaved and seemed to have a good time there playing with the other dogs! The groomers all loved him and said he was one of their best clients! Check out his new "do", pictures attached!

He has been getting his exercise in (as have Craig and I) with hiking and lots of play time with his new friends. He seems to make friends (both human and canine) quite easily and isn’t shy at all. Everywhere he goes he meets new playmates! He is trying his best to get along with Bax Slade (our cat), and although there have been some challenging moments, I think that they are working it out. Diarmuid wants to play…Bax Slade, um, not so much – ha!

Diarmuid "the wonder puppy" as we call him has been exploring Hamilton, hiking the Bruce Trail, checking out waterfalls, and is becoming somewhat of a regular at our local pub! He has discovered that ice cream and pigs ears are just about the best thing ever (not necessarily combined) and he loves to fetch his squeaky toys. He is learning some commands and getting better on his leash with every walk. We will soon be enrolling with McCann’s for some “official” training.

It’s a big puppy world out there and it seems that everything is new to him, thus it’s always an adventure! All in all, we couldn’t be happier to have him! Thank you all again SOOOO much, and consider this "foster" adopted!

Linda, let me know how to proceed from here...

Big hugs to you all,
Danielle, Craig, Bax Slade and Diarmuid

From: Danielle King []
Sent: August 11, 2009 1:09:13 PM PDT
Subject: Dempsey Update

Diarmuid had the best time camping...although most of the pictures we have of him are blurry as he is pretty much running in all of them! We now know that he loves sticks, likes to dig holes, is a enemy of chipmunks everywhere and that swimming isn't his thing.

He has a few bad habits, and we are working on them...and very soon he will have some training as well. He is very dominant, and has what I call "Napoleon Syndrome"...the little dog with the big dog attitude. He isn't aggressive dominant, just VERY dominant. We took him to a dog park and he had a go at the biggest dog there (a 150lb Argentine Dogo), and...wait for it, he actually hiked up his leg and peed on 2 other dogs...oh my. Needless to say, I think the neutering has helped, and we are signing him up for training now :)





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