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2009 Rescue Kerries Placed: Blue (Texas)


Rescue Coordinator – Tom Sawyer (
Presently Fostered in Texas

An urgent request was received from the Foundation regarding a Kerry in trouble in Louisiana. Apparently, Blue’s first home was with 3 Schnauzers. After a year, he was given up to another home with a Scottie, and they got along fine. (The Schnauzers were also re-homed). The Scottie owner gave Blue to another friend who had a Chihuahua; Blue and the Chihuahua went at it, and the owner of the Chihuahua wanted Blue to be put down. Following our intervention she gave Blue back to the Scottie owner. We do not know if the Chihuahua provoked the attack but we suspect that was the case. Unfortunately Blue has been residing in a 10 square foot wire cage in the backyard of a house for the last 6 weeks in Louisiana. Due to the lack of attention, companionship, affection and exercise he developed a tendency to bark at the neighbors’ cats, etc. Hence, the complaints to the current owner required Blue and the Scottie to be re-homed.

Blue is an 18 month old neutered male who wonders just where he belongs. We don’t know all the places he has been, but apparently all over Louisiana. Unfortunately, he has been passed from one owner to another his entire short life.
Immediately after receiving the input of a Kerry in trouble, a foster home was found for Blue in the Texas area. A Rescue team was then formed with Kathleen Sawyer and Patsy Marguet volunteering to drive the 12 hour round trip to pick up Blue and bring him back to the safety of a new environment. BTW - He loves to ride in the car.

Blue was introduced to my two Kerries after his trip from Louisiana; he was very sociable with both of them, with no signs of aggression. Blue is very playful and full of that adolescent energy. He is tall for a Kerry, 22 inches at the withers and weighs 39lbs.
He was very good during his visit at the Vet, and he is now current on all his vaccinations having no previous Vet history to use. His left ear has a mild infection, and he has some skin irritation that should clear up with a good mediated shampoo bath, and a round of antibiotics.

He will be residing with his foster family in Texas pending adoption.

Blue needs a home that will give him the affection and attention that he deserves. He needs somebody that will help him overcome his shyness and exercise him everyday. Blue is going to be a great companion for someone who will treat him with respect. He will reciprocate with that Kerry love we all know.

On August 4, 2009, Carolyn Kerins, Blue's foster mon, decided to adopt him

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