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2009 Ohio Rescue: Molly


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For those members of the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation who are not aware of Molly's story, I will give as much of her story as I have been told. Molly, a rescue Kerry Blue Terrier, joined our family in January 2009. [Molly has been the owner of my wife Ginny and I since the moment she met us.] I am sorry the list is getting this story so late, I have kept those informed I knew were directly involved in the rescue and those who gave us the chance to have Molly as a member of our family.

Molly now weighs 46 Ibs, and our vet tells us she is in perfect weight for her size and is in perfect health. This gives you an idea how very large she is. When rescued she was tied out in mud and the elements and weighed only 20 lbs. Her hair had not been trimmed and her mouth and eyes were matted shut. I understand that the puppy mill owners were charged and hope they served time for this crime.

We fell in love with her immediately! At 2 1/2 years of age she was gentle and loving. We were amazed at how quickly she became 'buddies" with our male Kerry Yankee and our cat Sylvester. Molly learned many commands quickly-she is VERY bright.

Because of her weight we worked at satisfying her appetite and getting her to proper weight.

She loves dog toys and plays with them alone or with Yankee they love to play tug-of-wad

In July Terry, my husband, was in the hospital for 22 days for total knee replacement surgery on both knees. Molly would lie by the entry room door for 3 to 5 hours waiting for Terry to return. When he arrived home she wouldn't leave his side. They are "buddies" too.

Her coat looks better every day as we work with it. She had to be clipped completely because of coat condition from being tied out. Her love and companionship have made our lives blessed. Thank you, Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, for allowing us to make her a member of our family.


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