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2009 Ohio Rescue: Flynn


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Subject: RE: Flynn
Date: September 16, 2009 2:57:12 PM PDT

Flynn is really doing well. He just completed his basic obedience class, finished 3rd, losing to a pair of female Great Danes.

As you know, Flynn was a mill dog rescued from the Amish Mill in Ohio. Flynn has done a remarkable job potting training. He regressed and started a little marking but has since corrected that behavior. He really likes to potty on any other dog, tree, patio cushion etc…. I think you get the picture. Flynn still has some food aggression but for the most part it has subsided.

He is a very affectionate Kerry. He had one biting incident, with no recurring incident. However, there seems to be a little evidence that this may have been provoked instead of the full blown attack which was once thought to be.

Flynn is a permanent fixture at my side. He sleeps with me, lays on me and watches all of my favorite sports programs with me.

Flynn has really struggled to learn how to play. If fact, he has no interest in any toys, balls with the exception of an occasional sock. He will not potty in the grass or on walks. But , give him some concrete, it’s fair game. Favorite spot, the steps on the back step…yuck! Of course he walks in it!

Flynn loves to be the dominant alpha dog while in the house or in the back yard. He patrols when the other dogs bark or are playing or rough housing. He likes them to chase him, but quickly retreats to the back door looking for entry back into the house.

Flynn gets very car sick, even with motion drugs. I would bring him to my office all day if he didn’t get sick so bad. I hoped it would stop but has not after 8 months.



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