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Kerries—fluffy and fierce

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2009 Ohio Rescue: Chester


© 2009 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation


So here is the latest news on Chester, after 20 days on Canadian soil. Chester arrived on a very cold and dark Sunday afternoon in Montreal on Jan. 25th. My daughter and I were quite anxious to see him but the paper work proved to be a bit more complicated because cargo customs closes early on week-ends. After much back and forth from the main terminal to cargo again, we finally go to see Chester in his crate, he was not the prettiest sight, he was lying down at the far end of his crate, he looked dazed and confused and he could hardly stand up. We were surprised to see that his back paws were bandaged, and no explanation came with the paper work, we eventually got the information from you, but not knowing the nature of his injuries worried us as we didn't know if he needed immediate medical attention and/or medication. (Linda Grisley informed Sylvie that his feet had been bandaged because they were tender from the wire cage he had been living in, but not injured)

We eventually coaxed Chester out of his crate with some food and lots of tender loving words. We put a leach on him, he obviously didn't show any resistance to being walked around and we offered him some water, but that didn't seem to interest him. After a few minutes of stretching his legs we got him back in his crate and in the car we went! We didn't hear one peep out of him all the way back home. By the time we got to his new home, Chester threw up the little food he had in his stomach. I took him in his new back yard, and to our surprise, he did both business in a matter of seconds, which deserved him lots of praise! The first evening in his new home was a bit stressful for all of us. We introduced Chester to a quiet place in the family room so he could recuperate. He fell asleep immediately that is until my husband came home later that evening. Chester slowly got up and went to sniff him, my husband was the one who had the special greeting, Chester wagged his tail and sat next to him. I would describe this moment as immediate "male bonding".

In the next few days we established a routine with Chester, regular feeding, regular walks, and slowly getting him acquainted with the house, the back yard and the neighborhood. We started with one basic command SIT! Which he does well but like a typical 11 month old, the attention span is short. He walks well on leach and knows that WE take the lead. He's quite the charmer when socializing with other people and the neighborhood dogs. His new best friend is a Westi named Max. Max is a bit of bully but not aggressive and certainly a good play date for Chester. He's adjusting well, but much training and discipline is to come with patience and loving care. Although we had dogs in the pass, this was our first experience with a male dog. The humping and nibbling is annoying but Chester seems to be tapering down, as long as we are consistent in our discipline I think he'll grow out of it, having him neutered will also help. After a week of enticing Chester with toys he finally clued in on running after a ball, tugging and chewing on rawhides but his favorite items are my husband's white socks, which he now carries in his mouth with pride! He is very curious so we have to be vigilant when he decides to explore in new territories, he loves Kleenexes, chewing on wires and rubber boots. Chester is still getting acquainted with new sounds, so sometimes he barks out of fear, but again, we seem to be able to calm him down and reassure him that nothing will come to him "in harms way".

Chester is not exactly comfortable in the car; he drools extensively and throws up once we reach our destination. I'm hoping he'll get better in time. The visit to the vet proved to be very positive; he was certainly the centre of attention and enjoyed every minute of being examined ALL OVER! he gained many admires. The vet was quite impressed on Chester's overall health, a bit under weight (25 lbs - recommended weight 30-33 lbs) he did however have one concern when examining his hips and hind legs, the vet doesn't want to confirm a diagnosis until the X-Ray. This will be done the 1st week of March when Chester will be neutered. Chester will get his 2nd round of vaccination on Feb. 24th which will be approximately 1 month after his first series of vaccination; the vet also recommended that Chester be castrated a few weeks after the 2nd round of vaccination, so that his immune system is strong enough to fight any potential infections.

My daughter, my husband and I are absolutely in love with Chester, he's intelligent, affectionate, and stubborn and that the same time complying. Chester is in a loving home, he is pampered by everyone. I must remind my family, discipline, exercise and then affection to have a well balanced dog.

I've attached a photo of Chester getting ready for his morning walk, as you'll see, he does attract attention!


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