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2009 Homeward Bound: Sam


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Samson (Sam) is a 1 1⁄2 yr. old male from the Homeward Bound Rescue on February 9th, 2009. On that date, we released 3 Kerries from a shelter/rescue group in South Bend, Indiana and they were transported to Alberta. Sam is now in foster care in Edmonton, Alberta where he was very happy to meet Bree, one of our previous rescue girls with whom he now resides. He loves Bree a little too much.......yes, he’s a young man of amorous inclination. Bree objects to that particular attention, but loves the ear and face cleaning that Sam offers, as well as the soft greying hair on which to snooze.

Sam is very affectionate. He is not shy of any humans that he has met so far, (male and female adults, and large teenagers) but we have not yet tested him with children. He has a good voice but doesn’t use it very often. Sam will approach for attention and stand for scratches as long as you are willing to give them.

He loves to gallivant and jump around in the yard and especially loves to go for walks. He likes to lead but does not pull. We are starting on some obedience training with him now so that he will walk nicely on leash beside you and will sit on command. He is a work in progress, but an obedient learner.

Sam is taller at 22 inches but quite skinny now so we’re not aware of his weight potential. Suffice to say, he will be a large Kerry. As you can see from the pictures, although he is not standing well stacked, he is a fine looking specimen of Kerry Blue with a dark silver coat and luxurious curly hair. Unfortunately, his tail was cut very short, but you can certainly tell when it’s wagging. His ears have not been set .

As far as his health goes, he arrived with goopy eyes (common in rescues) and hairy ears, but appears to be in good shape otherwise. He will be thoroughly examined by a vet soon and will be neutered before placement, once he’s had a chance to settle down here. He was very good on the grooming table and in the multiple bathes he needed (boy, did he stink!) although he got his foster mum, Jennifer, quite wet!

On walks, Sam is curious of other dogs but gave a throaty growl to a friendly girl who got too close. Accordingly, we have not yet socialized him with other dogs beyond his love for Bree, so will update his posting as he settles in foster care and can progress in learning polite city life.

Sam will appreciate a home with experienced dog people who are willing to teach him and provide lots of space in a fenced yard. We do not want to ship Sam again; accordingly a home within driving distance will be given priority. This is a wonderful loving dog who deserves to live the rest of his life returning the affection that he is so willing to give.

Subject: Sam is adopted
Date: March 4, 2009 1:49:54 PM PST

Sam has been adopted by his foster mum, Jennifer Shelley, who also has Bree. This is good for Sam, but not for me ‘cause I lose another foster spot! Oh well.



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