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2009 Homeward Bound: Isabelle


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Foster-to-adopt with Sylvia Fuchek in Calgary.

Sylvia has another Kerry boy, Oliver, formerly Silverman from the Merry Kerry rescue. She writes: Hi Linda, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I took reading week off and didn't check my email. Here are some pictures--of course Oliver is the silver one and Isabelle "Izzy" is the black one. There's a before her haircut picture. She looks like a black sheep.

When Oliver first met Izzy, of course he was trying to mount her every couple of minutes. He also kept trying to play with her by body checking her and at one point she held up her paw to stop him. It was quite funny. They're now starting to play. She is a sweetie, can be quite the Diva now that she knows what attention and pets are--she wants it all.
She just now starting to eat somewhat regularly. She's going to the vet tomorrow because I think she has an eye infection--it's call crusty and Oliver keeps licking her eye and her ear. Izzy has no shame, she lies on her back and just let me lick her ear and eye until she's sopping wet.

She does well in the crate and at first she was going in on her own. Of course as she spent all this time out of it with us, she became reluctant. She's not bad in potty training, but that probably means we're not bad at catching when she has to go out. I guess we have to keep her on a an umbilical for a while longer.

We took her to the dog park a couple of times and she was doing okay, came when we called most of time. At one point, when I had Ollie, I saw Dean walking after her as she seemed to be going in the opposite direction. Apparently, she grabbed another dog's ball and was being chased. But when the others stopped chasing her, she just kept going.

Needless to say when she came to Dean she was leashed back up. Since she was doing so well in the park I took her into Sunnyside garden centre to get some dog food. Well, a bus went by, making a loud noise with its brakes and she spooked. Thank goodness I had a tight hold on the leash. I ended up carrying her into the centre. Once she was inside she was still freaked, going in every direction and at one point hid behind the kitty condos and just sat there. Not quite as advanced as I thought! She's great with other people and other dogs but is rather timid at sudden movements, loud noises and sometimes pees out of fear.

I'll keep you informed.


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