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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Corky


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Corky is a three year old, happy-go-lucky, neutered male Kerry located in the Southwest. 

Corky is an owner turn in who needs a home without another dog and owners committed to his training. He had a bad start in life, having been shuffled to various homes, none of which provided a male Kerry the correct environment. He spent a lot of the time in his crate, receiving no attention or training.

When we picked up Corky, he had worms and was severely malnourished, weighing only 28 lbs. He’s been in a wonderful foster home for over a month so we could assess his temperament, initiate basic training, neuter him and get him healthy.  Although he’s been in a foster home with other Kerries, without incident, he would do best as an only dog. He is outgoing and friendly with people and children, and interacts properly with most dogs.  However, he can become randomly aggressive with some dogs, especially new ones that come into his space. Therefore he will need committed leash walkers and a fenced yard for exercise. Although he loves children, an adult only home is recommended. Training experience with a reactive terrier would be ideal – this boy requires a pack leader in his human. He’s a smart cookie and a fast learner who really relishes the attention and the opportunity to use his brain.


Corky has a typical Kerry clown-like attitude and is just plain fun to be with. He is crate trained and potty trained. He’ll beat you to the car and loves to go on walks and meet people. Corky will be a delightful, obedient, committed companion for the right owners.

Corky was placed on November 7, 2008

From: sawyertom@VERIZON.NET
Subject: [KBL] It is a New Day
Date: November 26, 2008 8:56:28 AM PST

It is a New Day...

Many of you will remember a few months ago the report of a 3 1⁄2 year old Kerry in trouble. This Kerry had grabbed an 8 week old Lab puppy and refused to let go. Subsequently he was remanded to the County Sheriff's Animal Control for quarantine and possible euthanasia on the Labor Day weekend.

Today, I am very happy to report that this Kerry is alive and doing fantastically well. This would not have happened without dedicated Kerry people and a special County Sheriff Officer. The Officer was able to view his behavior during his quarantine period (during the time of hurricane Ike) and found him to be a very friendly dog. The Officer agreed to extend his life and turn him over to the Foundation. Cindy Hatzfeld, from the Kerry Blue Texas Club drove about 500 miles by herself with the entire hurricane Ike traffic to pick up this Kerry. She brought him to a local Vet for a check-up and to be neutered. He was in sad shape, he had hookworm and weighed just over 25 pounds when received by the Vet.

Following his surgery, this undernourished boy came to stay with us as a Foster. Initially we kept him isolated from our other two Kerries; pending his behavior evaluation. We went through a series of aggression tests - fear, territorial, dominance, predatory, food, toy and redirected aggression. With the exception of some minor redirected aggression, this Kerry passed with flying colors. This boy appeared to lack any basic structure. After a couple of weeks he was given the chance to interface with the other Kerries and we all went on walks to build a pack mentality. This little guy and I went to the local park daily where he went through basic training - how to sit and lay down with verbal and hand signal commands. It turns out he is a very quick learner and extremely intelligent. He was introduced to numerous dogs in the area, small, medium and large without any signs of aggression. However, his preference is humans. He loves people, and loves to lay by your side in the evening. In typical Kerry fashion he also counter surfed and stole our dinner one night!

My hat is off to the Kerry Blue Texas Club who came through in many ways to help this Kerry. They held a raffle to help defray some of the expenses, and also helped in finding a suitable adopter. I am most grateful for their total support.

After two months of evaluation and training, it was time to let him go to a new life and his forever home. We were sad to see this little guy go, he was such a delight to have around. He now has a new owner; someone that has many years of dog experience, in breeding and owning, and can handle a terrier breed. He has no children at home, or other animals, and was looking for an older Kerry as a companion to take on long walks and trips. He also has a Vet in the family. Our boy met his new owner at our house, and it was instant Love between the two.

So this Thanksgiving say a special prayer to the true Kerry people that believe every Kerry deserves a second chance.

The Kerry Blue Foundation has given a new life to a very special Kerry that was in serious trouble. Please help and donate to the Kerry Blue Foundation a very worth while cause! And go hug your Kerry.

The Sawyer
Coppell, Texas





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