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For the love of Kerries

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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Skippy


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Was fostered in Philadelphia, PA. 

Coordinator: Tracey Fulmer

Skippy is a ten-month-old male puppy that spent his first months in a puppy mill and was destined for a life caged 24/7 in a mill, until he was rescued by the Foundation. He came to us filthy, matted, and with eye infections, which have cleared up nicely. Skippy is an exceptionally exuberant puppy, afraid of nothing and quite self-assured. He is a very small Kerry, yet he’s beautifully proportioned and stands proudly – that is, when not zooming around the yard. It took Skippy one week of freedom to discover sitting -- an interesting new alternative for an “all-or-nothing” Kerry, to either running at high speed, chasing toys, or puppy power napping.

Skippy is not only high energy, but intensely curious and bright, so he is full of typical puppy shenanigans. Skippy has a high fun factor and toys and more toys keep him out of trouble. He's protective of “his yard,” and even, of the neighborhood, and will gladly let the neighbors know when someone is ringing their doorbell! All Kerry Foundation rescues are required to attend obedience classes per our adoption contract. We expect Skippy to do well in training, as he bonds closely with his people. Because he's only had a few weeks of freedom, formal training has only just begun. He has learned the meaning of a gentle, “Noooo,” and respects the command.

Potty training is also coming along -- the current schedule of going outside at least

every two hours is helping. Most Kerries, even mill rescues, are quick to house train with a dedicated and attentive owner. He can sleep through the night without accidents.

Skippy has spent his entire short life with other dogs so he would feel at home as a second dog or relish the attention of being the only dog in a household. Because Skips plans to be an alpha male, a female canine companion would be best. He loves to tease a very mellow, older, good-natured male Kerry, but respects the dominant female KBT who doesn't care for puppy pranks. She does allow him to sleep beside her and doesn’t mind a puppy paw in her face in the middle of the night.

He would do best in a situation where someone is home during the day, as he needs housebreaking, puppy training, and the human companionship he craves and has never had until now. A securely fenced yard is a must – Skippy needs to run!

Skippers is currently being fostered in Philadelphia where he consumes much of his foster Mom’s attention and she doesn’t mind a bit. She says that Skippy is going to grow up to be a fabulous Kerry and wonderful, loving companion. Skippy will be neutered before he is placed.


From: t_fulmer@YAHOO.COM
Subject: [KBL] US Kerries: Rescue Updates
Date: August 18, 2008 9:15:55 AM PDT
Reply-To: t_fulmer@YAHOO.COM

Skippy, who Agatha Hughes had fostered for months while we waited for the perfect home, found his perfect home in Texas. He is now living it up with Lily (rescued from the Great Escape) and owners who delight in his antics. He's a pistol and needed Kerry-experienced owners who would relish the challenge. Thank you to Agatha for her tremendous efforts in working with him on housebreaking and ongoing stomach problems (which have now cleared up). We were fortunate to get a video of Skippy chasing Lily. Apparently he hasn't learned how to jump on the bed so Lily taunts him (or seeks refuge) from above.

Subject: Fw: Skippy Update
Date: August 25, 2008 7:41:07 AM PDT

Here's an update on Skippy, who was in foster care for over 4 months but has been placed with the Carbones in Texas with Lily, also rescued by the Foundation (Great Escape).

Skippy and Lily have really become buddies. Her safety zone is the middle of our bed where he can’t reach her. If she’s tired of play she just gets up there and lets him run around the bed while she bites him on the face.

Obviously foster Agatha Hughes worked with him quite a bit, so his potty training has been fairly easy - No accidents in the house anymore at all. He comes and paws at me when he wants to go out. They went to the groomer last week but Skips wouldn’t let her do much to his face so he just got his feet and belly shaved and a little trim here and there. [...] His first visit [should not be] an unpleasant thing for him.

Skipper is turning out to be the sweetest little boy ever – really affectionate and very attached.











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