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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Scooby


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Scooby was originally named “Scrappy” – not because he was the aggressor, but because he was the victim. Scooby sounds much more like his personality. 

Scooby was rescued with 3 other dogs from the Ohio Amish miller in the Spring Break Rescue in May 2008. He arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on June 12 and took some time working up the nerve to come out of his crate. Although nervous, he walked nicely on leash and was curious of his surroundings, although he would freeze at sudden noise (engine starting up).

He was born July 1, 2007 and probably spent this first year of his life in a kennel run. At his foster home, he walked constantly around the perimeter of the yard when outside. His pacing does not appear neurotic……..this is probably the only activity he has known! His tail and ears are up. He shows curiosity at passers-by. But it’s obvious he does not know what else to do with himself. He does not know how to play. On his first day, he found a bush in the corner of the yard and curled up underneath it, but he did come out for food and water and to continue his walk. Now he will walk the perimeter, but also takes a few happy leaps around the middle before resuming the edge walk. Each day, we see more assurance and happiness in him.

Scooby has not uttered a sound since his arrival. He loves his crate and although not toilet trained yet, does not soil inside it. When he needed to go out on his first night, he just moved around in his crate until released and promptly went outside to do his business. Toilet training should continue to go well.

Scooby is crated whenever left alone and is happy to go inside. So far he has been left for up to 2 hours without incidence. He is calm and quiet. We would still recommend a home where someone is home during the day. This is not a dog that will do well left alone all day or given the run of the house without supervision. He is calm because his crate is his safe place.

Scooby does love to be held and scratched. Inside the house, he will curl up on the couch with his foster mum. He follows her around and she was surprised that he put his paws up on the kitchen counter to see what she was doing. OK – counter-surfer tendencies nipped in the bud! He takes verbal correction well.

Scooby’s foster home is one without other pets. When rescued, he showed fear around other dogs. Once he is more settled in his foster home, we will begin a program of obedience and socialization. We expect this lovely young boy to respond quickly – he is not quite a year old and has many happy years to come in a loving home.

Scooby will be neutered before placement. He is a good specimen of Kerry Blue – a finer boned, lanky young man right now, and with good muscle tone but low weight. He has had his shots and is in good health. His tail was cropped a bit too short and his ears fly, but he has lovely soft eyes and his sweet personality will charm everyone.

At this point, we cannot say that a home with other dogs or younger children would be appropriate for Scooby, but will keep updating his information as he progresses. He will definitely need a fenced yard and a quieter home.

Linda Grisley, Rescue Director for Canada


From: Linda Grisley
Subject: Scooby update
Date: June 18, 2008 12:02:35 PM PDT

What a difference a few days can make! Scooby has found his voice and his play spirit! Not that we ever doubted that he would, but it just goes to show the resilience of our breed that they can bounce back so quickly from adversity.

Scooby's foster home reports that he has adopted a toy that he throws around in the yard. Inside the house, he follows mum around and leans on her for scratches whenever she sits down.

He will be neutered later this month. This is a very nice, sweet boy who will make a wonderful addition to a homes that cares to work with him and familiarize him to home life.

From: Linda Grisley
Subject: Scooby update
Date: July 15, 2008 9:51:30 PM PDT

Scooby transferred to his new home today.





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