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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Madison


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Was fostered in Connecticut 

Rescue Coordinator: Tracey Fulmer

Joy (renamed Madison) is a 4 year old survivor – she was rescued from an Amish puppy mill with her Kerry spirit very much in tact – tail up and full of herself. Joy is being fostered in Connecticut and has quickly learned the joys of freedom. She is pretty well house trained, preferring to do her business outside. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t love her crate, especially when somebody’s in the house -- some food goes a long way toward helping her overcome her objections.

Joy is a bit skittish in new situations, since she hadn’t been exposed to normal life until a few weeks ago. She warms up quickly to women, but needs some time and patience (and treats) with men. When visiting family during the holidays, she was initially jumpy and afraid but settled down within 20 minutes and approached the unfamiliar adults. While being skittish is typical of puppy mill survivors, Joy has a great “bounce back” after an initial fright, especially when given proper reinforcement for being brave. Turkey, cheese, chicken or simple praise – she loves it all! 

Joy could be placed with dog-savvy children 8 years or older, as she is good with her human foster pals (ages 8 and 10). However, adults should be her dog only walkers. She walks well on a leash although can go a bit nutty, barking and dancing around, when seeing other dogs and she is also an expert at slipping her collar, so a harness should be used for leash walking. She needs some work on calming down when seeing other dogs and you can get her attention, so this is something that should be fixable with training. Her wonderful foster family is taking her to obedience lessons.

She is selective with the dogs she likes and would probably be happiest as the only dog in the house. If placed with another dog, it would need to be in the home of experienced dog owners and only after a meeting to ensure the dogs are compatible. A fully fenced yard is required.

Up to date on shots, weighing in at 28 lbs (not underweight) and responding to treatment for ear and eye infections, Joy is coming along nicely. She will be spayed shortly, prior to her placement. Joy will bring exactly that – lots of joy – to her new, very lucky family. 31 Dec 07

I'm thrilled to report that Joy in CT was adopted by an experienced Kerry family in NH. She greeted each family member with curiosity and kisses and was busy exploring the house when I checked in on them last night. Joy was reactive to some dogs so I was looking for a home with experience in managing dog aggression, which thankfully was found. I think Joy will love being doted upon as the only dog.

Tracey Fulmer


From: t_fulmer@YAHOO.COM
Subject: [KBL] Adoption Announcements
Date: March 2, 2008 7:37:28 AM PST

I am delighted to share the news that THREE of our rescues were placed this week.

Two female siblings who suffered through 4 long years in a Midwest puppy mill arrived in their adoptive homes -- one in New Hampshire and the other in Pennsylvania. While both dogs were named Joy by the mill -- rather ironic since they had little joy in their lives until they were sprung -- they now share names of Manhattan Avenues: Madison and Lexie (short for Lexington). 

Madison had a rather lengthy stay in foster care as she is reactive to other dogs, thus she needed an experienced family with the skill and will to manage that, plus she came into season right after we got her. Rest assured she would have been bred by the mill if she had come into season in that pit: a bitch in season means positive cash flow on the horizon. She was placed in a wonderful home in NH who had no qualms about dog aggression, having recently lost their dog aggressive Kerry to cancer. Reports are that she gave Kerry "eye socket" kisses during introductions and is quickly settling in with her new family. An ENORMOUS THANK YOU TO FOSTER KATHY FREEMAN and her family, who patiently worked with Madison by taking to obedience classes, waiting to have her spayed and spotting her dry eye condition that is now being treated. Kathy needed to keep Madison separated from her dogs, which takes a lot of mental management.






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