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Kerries—green by design

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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Layla


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Was fostered in Chicago, IL 

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Lee

Layla is a gorgeous girl who turned 4 months old on July 1. She was rescued from a pet store--a store that vowed not to sell any more Kerry Blue Terriers.

She has a typical Kerry personality that loves people and has a lot of spirit. Her tail is normally up and wagging. Things that startle her result in her stepping back a little, but she won't leave the scene. Even the Fourth of July fireworks didn't phase her in the least. Layla loves to be petted and handled. There's nothing like a good belly rub before bedtime. Layla has met numerous people, young and old, men and women, and loves them all. She does very well with children. It looks like she will do well with other dogs. Since she lacks social skills because of being in a crate all day at the pet store, she was eager to play but a little too rambuncious with other dogs at first. However, she is now interacting appropriately after some guidance. She has done fine with 2 adult Kerry boys and a female Kerry puppy.

Layla would thrive in a home that provided activities for mental stimulation and social interaction. So, a home with other dogs, or children, or agility classes would be a plus. Since Layla loves water (she went right into the pond on day one without batting an eye), she would enjoy water sports as well. Note that she rides in a car exceptionally well. Fetching tennis balls is quite entertaining for Layla and humans! She also likes to watch TV, and she barks at Porky Pig!

Training should progress quickly with the right motivation, but she can be terrier stubborn. She is a smart girl that can be motivated by praise and food. She comes when called by name. She is also learning to walk on a lead and to sit on command. House training has seen progress as well. Layla will require a firm and consistent "pack leader" in her forever home.

Subject: Layla
Date: July 18, 2008 6:41:31 PM PDT

Layla has arrived safely in her permanent home in Montreal.

Subject: RE: Layla
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 11:05:53 -0400

Layla is doing very good. She's been neutered 3 weeks ago ( now more than a month). She caught a eye infection at the vet, but now everything is okay. We love her so much, she is part of the family. She is doing good with the walk and she is housebroken. She knows the word sit, down, stay, go get it, bring back, take it, and she also know the word NO and potty. She bark when she see other dog, maybe a little too much, but we are working on that. She love to be wash and she jump in the shower. She's grown a lot and she weight 26 pounds ( she weighted 19 when she arrive). The training class are going well. We watch Ceasar Millan DVD and we read a lot of book. We can now let her a couple hour in her crate and she is good.

She is sleeping 8 hours every night, hurray, hurray for us. She is sleeping right beside the bed and she doesn't move, and sometimes we have to wake her up in the morning.

Here is some picture, she is always sleeping on the ventilation shaft, she is always hot, poor baby. She got a lot of energy, we walk 3 X 40 min per day and it's seem to fit her.







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