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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Keeley


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I don't know if you all remember the rescue of Karly two years ago (almost exactly two years ago) but if not go to the web page and under Rescue Stories and look at the story I wrote about Karly at the time.  When you have read the story and looked at the pictures read further down in this email.

When I got Karly safely into our hands I spoke with the assistant at the vet where Karly had been for nearly three months and asked if I needed to worry about Keeley too? The assistant didn't feel free to discuss it with me but in response to the question if she were me would she be justified in worrying? The one word response was YES... and I have continued to worry for two years.

I had the address where she was living and every time I was in that area I drove past looking. If she had ever been out in the front yard alone I would have made every effort to take Keeley home with me, but I never saw her.

So time has passed and other things have happened. Several months ago an application was faxed to me from what looked like a good home for an adult Kerry, but we haven't had anything in this area appropriate for the home, so the application has lain on my desk. I talked with the woman several times and told her to be patient. Last Thursday morning as I left for work, for some unknown reason I picked up the application and brought it with me. When I arrived at work and opened my email there was a message from this woman, Beth, saying that she was getting anxious and did I have anything for her? I delayed answering as I didn't have anything and I wanted to write an appropriate response that didn't discourage her.

That same afternoon about 4 pm Jan called me at work. She asked "does the name XXXX XXXX ring any bells with you?" Yes, indeed it did - Karly's former owner. Well now he was calling Jan stating that he has a 4 year old female who is hyperactive and a barker so he needs to place her. When Jan mentioned that there was a rescue coordinator right in his area he told her that he knew but would not deal with me! Embarrassment? Knew I had his number?

No matter - he did call the Foundation. So Jan reassured him that she would handle things herself, that we have pre-screened homes and she was sure she could help place Keeley. In the background I am now checking with Beth whether she would be willing to take this little girl in as a Foster-To-Adopt, deal directly with XXXX XXXX and rescue Keeley. If it didn't work out with her we would place Keeley, but it was all important to have her in our hands. Beth was absolutely in agreement. Now I hadn't had a chance to do a home visit yet so Saturday morning early off I went to accomplish that and found a well informed woman with an appropriate home and fence and previous Kerry experience. Perfect. Time to get out of the way and let Beth handle the rest.

Saturday afternoon XXXX XXXX arrived at Beth's home with Keeley in tow. He stayed for over an hour and then left Keeley there. From here on in I'll let Beth tell the tale:

Monday. Hurray, we are having a wonderful time. We have a vet appointment this afternoon. I think she needs her teeth done, her ear seems to be bothering her, although it smells OK, she has several hard lumps on her that need to be looked at, her toenails are sharp and longish. She is housebroken, dog friendly, skittish, maybe there will be some separation anxiety...I will ask the vet how to handle...have started being out of her sight for very small amounts of time (minutes) and it does bother her...but she is new to my house and maybe will relax as time goes on.

Did I say how very lucky I feel. Yea!


PS: he left with tears in his eyes; but didn't bring one thing to comfort blanket, favorite toy, ball, bowl, bed, nothing but the collar and leash she walked in with.

My son thought the emotions were real, my granddaughter was rather outraged that they brought nothing to comfort her, I was glad they had left. I had asked him for the pedigree and vet records, he brought some records. Oh, and my granddaughter took several pictures. [...]

Hurray for me!! Well, now I've read the Vet report. Turns out he had her on clomipramine 25 mg 2xa day. had enough refills through 8-08. So, perhaps the real reason he decided to let her go. She is absolutely peaceful laying here while I work at my desk. She's barked maybe 5 times since Sat. afternoon. We walk past houses where dogs are barking at her and she doesn't even bother to return the favor.

Also, in the medical records packet was a form for me to sign saying that I would give her back to him if things didn't work out and that I promised to "give her humane care", etc. Fries my butt.



So the upshot of it all is that Keeley is safe and sound in the loving arms of Beth who works from home so can be with Keeley pretty much 24/7. She does exhibit some apprehension when Beth moves around the house and out into the garage or yard but is peaceful and happy to be with Beth. Today she refused to eat the food which Beth bought under the former owner's instructions and got to the point where she vomited a little bile from such an empty stomach. Beth and I talked and she then offered Keeley some cheddar cheese, some raw hamburger, a piece of bread and a slice of apple. All of these were accepted and consumed. We think she has decided that she has a better home than she did and deserves to have a better diet!! We agree. We'll be changing her over to a better brand of kibble and starting her off on a modified BARF diet.

Unlike Karly this girl's weight is appropriate but that doesn't mean she has had a good diet. She arrived at Beth's in a "summer cut" - translation recently shaved down including her beard and fall. Beth says if she hadn't known that Keeley was a Kerry she might have doubted it. But as we all know hair grows back and better that she be shaved than matted to the skin. So now the healing begins.

I've slept better since Saturday night knowing that this one is safe.


From: Beth Konkle
Subject: Rescue update
Date: May 5, 2012 12:22:35 PM PDT

I am so very lucky; Keeley has come to live with me.

She was very afraid of everything and everyone, especially men, when I first got her. Now she has blossomed into a true Kerry and knows no strangers.

She is smart, funny, intuitive and wonderful. It is such fun to watch how quickly she catches on to some new rule...and then I wait to see how she will modify it. About 99.9% of the time, I say “Oh, yes, you’re right, that is a better way”

She came to me with separation anxiety and I have “cured” it by simply taking her every place with me. Lowe’s Flower Dept is one of our favorite hang outs. People come up to us and say “What a beautiful dog. May I pet her” Keeley gladly obliges with doggie kisses for all. And they say, “Just look at what a happy dog she is”

And I think to myself “I am so very lucky for Keeley, my sweet, sweet doggie girl, has come to live with me.

Beth Konkle
Rescued by Keeley 2008

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