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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Jim


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Was fostered in British Columbia 

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Grisley

Jim is the sweetest 4 yr. old neutered male Kerry Blue rescued last December in the “Merry Kerry Rescue”. He has been living with a family on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and fits in very nicely with their two Airedale females. As you can see from the pictures, this is a beautiful Kerry boy!

Jim has grown up in a mill environment and, although he is self-assured and non-aggressive, he does not know all the subtleties of being a house dog.

Jim is not toilet trained. His current family is working hard to teach him but he does not understand yet. Although the current family will continue to work with Jim on his toileting, they feel it would be to his benefit to move to a home where the new owners would have the time and commitment to help him through this problem.

Jim is a loving and friendly dog. He gets along well with other dogs and both men and women. He needs to move to a home with a calm environment just adults or with perhaps with older children who will provide him with the attention and training he needs to settle into a home life. Preference will be given to a home within driving distance.


From: lgrisley@SHAW.CA
Subject: Jim
Date: March 11, 2008 10:16:51 AM PDT

Whoopee! Jim is adopted!

Black Knight Jim of the Merry Kerry Rescue has been adored by everyone who
met him on his way from the puppy mill to his new home in Sidney, B.C..

Jim is a 4 yr. old beautiful Kerry Blue who charmed all he met. His biggest
problem was toilet training. He just did not understand that there was a
place designated to go and it was not the chair of the man of the house!
Having spent his life in a mill, where toileting and eating and sleeping was
all in one space, a new life in a house was a big pill to swallow. However,
his foster-to-adopt family, Verna & Doug, have persevered and with the help
of a behaviourist, Jim has turned the corner.

It wasn't easy, though. Jim spent the first 6 weeks after his rescue with
our intrepid Nancy Joyce and her two Kerries, Quinn & Keely. He fit in well
with her dogs and Nancy worked hard to toilet train Jim with some success
before he went to his foster-to-adopt home with Verna & Doug.

Verna & Doug had been waiting for a Kerry rescue match for over a year and
were excited to finally receive Jim into their home. They also have 2
female Airedales with whom Jim fit very quickly and he was happy. But
because of the readjustment to this new home and the little time he had had
with Nancy to reinforce the toileting, his problems reoccurred. In
addition, shortly after his arrival with Verna & Doug, Jim had to have
surgery to remove a large lump on his hip that affected/pulled on his leg
and at the same time he was neutered.

When we put Jim on to the web site for adoption, Verna & Doug were
frustrated and not sure that they would have the patience to get through.
Jim had been walked for hours but never relieved himself until he got back
to the house and used his crate or watered the furniture. He was just not
getting it! Periodically he would relieve himself through the banister of
the deck - that's some progress! But not enough.

Verna hired Penni, the behaviourist, who discovered two things about Jim -
he does not like the rain (of which there is lots in BC!) and he liked
privacy for this toileting. Well, for crying out loud, that's pretty well
all it took! Armed with that knowledge and with some further recognition
of his feeding/toileting timing, Jim was given privacy from the other dogs
to do his business and a jacket to shield him from the rain... Jim was on
his way to success.

We are all extremely pleased for Verna, Doug & especially Jim. The problems
that Jim has overcome are not unusual for rescue dogs. It takes special
people to take on their troubles. Adopters of rescue dogs require patience
in the extreme and the loving care to recognize that this dog is not trying
to be bad...the new lives to which they arrive are FULL of so many things
they do not understand and it takes time and so much work to help them
All the very best to Jim in his new home.

Linda Grisley
Rescue Director - Canada





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