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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Andy


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Rescue Coordinator: Linda Lee

In mid-December, we learned about two 10 year old Kerries, Andy and Emma, who had been taken to a shelter. The shelter called and asked for our help, otherwise both Kerries would be euthanized. The shelter was beyond capacity and when you are a 10 year old owner turn-in, you are the first in line. Andy’s sister, Emma, has been placed in a wonderful home where she’s getting the attention she craves along with lots of loving. Now it’s Andy’s turn for the happily ever after. We all know that Kerries are in their prime at 10 years old and some very lucky adopter will be getting a fabulous companion in Andy.

The shelter got little information on the pair, other than they had been turned in because they kept bursting through their electric fence to go after other dogs. However, at the shelter, the temporary kennel and in the current foster home with several other dogs, Andy has not exhibited any dog aggression. Andy and Emma both are fine with people – after all, that’s the Kerry way.

Shortly after being dumped at the shelter, Andy suffered from a bout of pneumonia and we almost lost him. Thankfully, he received excellent veterinary care and pulled through. Since he’s been in his foster home, he’s sprung back to life. His foster home told us: “What an absolutely sweet and gentle dog! His puppy side is now coming out and he is emerging from his shell. Several weeks ago his future looked pretty bleak. He now seems happy, healthy, and will soon be ready for his forever home. He is just a great dog -- the most gentle imaginable.”

UPDATE on Andy:

Sadly, Andy has been diagnosed with lung cancer. After having communicated with his Vet and his foster family, it is clear that Andy’s condition is extremely serious. Should we go further with a CT scan to see if the tumor might be operable? If it were, would we put Andy through major surgery and all the ramifications when all the odds are against him? If you know Andy’s story, you know how much he has been through. He is an “old” ten year old. So, we have made a compassionate, although difficult, decision . . . let Andy enjoy the rest of his days in comfort, within a caring, loving, family environment. His foster Dad and Mom are indeed Kerry angels! (I can’t express how fortunate we are to have found this foster home for Andy!) The KBT Foundation will support all the special care Andy needs to keep him happy and comfortable for as long as is good for Andy.

I know Andy’s story has touched many people. Thanks to all of you who have cared, sent messages, and/or donated money to support Andy. I know many of us have shed tears for the dear old fellow as well.

From: lgrisley@SHAW.CA
Subject: [KBL] Andy has passed away
Date: May 28, 2008 4:53:48 PM PDT

It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of Andy. If you have followed Andy's story, we did not place him for adoption because we found he had lung cancer, so his foster home kindly agreed to keep him until
his time came. It did not take long.

Following is the email received from his foster home:

Hello everyone, Andy is now at rest. He was our gentle Kerry Blue. We loved him very much but finally had to let him go. He will always be close to our hearts because he came to us out of the blue a Kerry Blue in need. It is difficult to type this but I must express our many thanks to all who sent well wishes and prayer to us concerning Andy. To know this boy was to love him.

Andy lost his appetite and started refusing water at times a while back so we had him in the hospital again for about three days rehydrating him. During that time we did more ultrasound and radiograph work. We also had to relieve his chest of fluid, some 300+ ML's. This helped him temporarily and I brought him home. That day he was thrilled to be home and was eating even to the point of accepting kibble from my hand. He had the habit of taking the food dropping it than picking it up and eating it like Andre' the Seal, this he would do with his favorite food Smelt so that was his nickname Andre'. At this time he even returned to his Kerry spin mode. He was very happy.

Andy's appetite was short lived and stopped entirely this weekend. The mass in his chest was just overcoming him. It was time to ease his burden so I took him into work with me today and Dr. Williamson along with Amber one of our Vet techs helped Andy easing him to his rest.

In our 15 years of rescuing and fostering dogs Andy is the first that we have failed to find a forever home... or was it. I don't know if we could have let him go even if he had survived.

Again many thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers of support. May God bless us all in this great work.


Andy did find a forever home....he completed his life in the best care he could find and was truly loved and comforted until the end.

We cannot thank foster homes enough for the tremendously brave work they do. This is the axis on which our rescue work turns.

On behalf of Linda Lee, Rescue Coordinator, Midwest, who travelled this journey with Andy from the beginning,

Linda Grisley


Andy With A Ladybug On His Nose




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